Butterflies can't fly over the ocean, but love is still love after all.

Alyce 2022-10-22 07:26:43

≪Piano Lesson≫: There are many movies with piano as the theme, but the ones he has seen are as follows: As in ≪The Pianist at Sea≫, in addition to the amazing piano music, the theme focuses more on The lonely love for the piano left behind by the protagonist's closed growth path, another example is the rebellious love of the rebellious girl for the piano in "Four Minutes of Love Key", and the rebellious love for the piano in "The Piano of Steel" in the middle of the father to give his daughter The strong fatherly love reflected in the manufacture of a piano is another example of ≪Unspeakable Secrets≫ a long-buried love between the male protagonist and a piano hostess 30 years ago through a piano dialogue. . In terms of exploring its themes, it is not difficult to find that most of them revolve around the theme of "love". It has to be said that "piano" has its ability to compose beautiful melody in both the director's and people's vision, and exists in people's spiritual world as a medium of "emotional messenger". This film is no exception. A woman who loves the piano, in order to redeem her beloved piano, has a love exchange with a man who loves her and breaks the moral taboo. Perhaps it is the traditional morality that influences people's view of love. Most of us will follow the so-called "right match" or "love at first sight" love route. As everyone knows, love is still love after all, and the love that breaks the taboo may be more profound and intense than the love that is "a perfect match" or "love at first sight". Butterflies can't fly over the ocean, but love is still love after all.

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