My First Time。

Franz 2022-11-09 22:00:14

The most depressing thing ever happened today.
I fell asleep while watching the movie.
Originally, there were only four of me in this session.
In the end, I still fell into the category of falling asleep.
So depressing.
The most terrible thing is that I wake up and still be able to pick up the idea of ​​​​movies.
I don't think that part of the plot that I watched less would affect the continuity of the story.
Does that mean I can think that this movie has redundant or repetitive parts in the script?
Anyway, this movie disappointed me.
Not as great as I imagined.
Might be more suitable for children to watch.
This is a dream come true Da Owl version.
Then the ending part fully shows that director Le intends to make the second part.
I hope this series can be a snake head and a tiger tail.
If snake head and tail.
That is really not worthy of the New York Times's focus on recommending novels to change movies.
Maybe it's also my fault that I haven't been in high mood watching movies recently.
Since Inception, the taste has become extremely picky.
no way.
Inception is so excellent that no movie has surpassed it for many years.
But I foolishly imagined that this movie would be on par with Toy Story 3.
No result.
So I hope that it will be on an equal footing with "Bolt".
Still no result.
Totally disappointed.

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