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Antonetta 2022-04-24 07:01:13

You bastards have really brought bad minds to the old film critics in the country, all of them said to the reviews that they were illogical, bad films, and had to go to sleep. This is a cool movie. Logic and acting skills are just decorations. They are used for stardom movies and dramas. As long as they are cool, they don't need decorations. They make you omnipotent!

Traffic stars are blunt in their acting skills, but in fact, the key is that the shooting techniques are not sophisticated enough to make you feel bad. Divine drama let you play because your sense of belief is not strong enough, yes, it's yours, not the actor's! You don't believe that the Chinese can be so good and change their minds. There's nothing wrong with Diesel, there's really no need to express, it's over!

What beautiful exposures, tones, scenes, perspectives, and hormonal protagonists, props, firelights, familiar flavors and recipes. Learn more, don't bb, this is a genre film, you don't need to compete for the Oscars, cool, it's over!

ps: Change to a domestic film, Shanghai Bunker, I think, replace Lu Han with Sun Honglei, this film will be popular.

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  • Braxton 2021-12-21 08:01:06

    The big scene of the racing car was explosive enough, the plot was not good, and suddenly a younger brother came.

  • Hollie 2021-12-21 08:01:06

    The joke is not nonsense. It is an insult and blasphemy to shoot the crime sports car theme into science fiction to the actor of Paradise Paul: 1. The sports car flew out of the cliff and merged with the fighter directly in the opening scene. I directly exclaimed that I was in Look at Transformers! Fan Bald head descended like a superman, dozens of mercenaries could not subdue him, and he would always be unscathed after the car exploded. 2. Fan Bald’s team has really soared into space this time. This is not a joke! It turns out that TMD can travel in space by installing two rocket tubes on a sports car. NASA and all the space agencies cried, and scientists studied the space shuttle and studied loneliness! 3. All the stories are coincidental and illogical. Fan Bald’s younger brother turns into a good brother in a second, and Peking Opera hasn’t changed his face so quickly! Lin Yibin really didn't want the story this time. He bombarded and added some funny jokes like Michael Bay. 4. The screenwriter didn't even bother to explain how Han was resurrected, forcibly faked death to fool the audience, self-eat the book and face the seventh plot, let the seventh revenge become a joke, the head is so iron.

F9: The Fast Saga quotes

  • Dominic Toretto: Be precise in life. It makes all the difference.

  • Tej: Feels like we looking for Where's Waldo in Harry Potter world.