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In the year we met, in beautiful Havana, maybe the place was not romantic, just in a nightclub, a less romantic place, but a romantic love started, Rita didn't notice Chico until he actually followed Rita Go, come to the band's concert, and that is the concert, Chico showed his musical talent, it turned out that music kept them together, and that day, Rita went with Chico, in fact, everything was like that Simple, the beginning of a romantic love.
The next day, it was like a nightmare for Rita. The appearance of Chico's cheesy shrew-like ex-girlfriend broke all the good atmosphere. At this time, Chico did not show the maturity and stability of a man. He looked at Rita and his ex-girlfriend. The quarrel, unexpectedly at a loss, let Rita rush out the door. Probably, Chi Ke at that time had just encountered his first true love, spiritual love. Because of the mutual understanding of music, the two were like confidants, but everything was changed because of Chi Ke's immature side. Destroyed by everything, the relationship between the two is like a young sapling in a gust of wind, shaking constantly, Rita's heart should be broken, but she can't deceive her heart, deceive herself that it is because of money that she and Chico participated in the music competition , but Rita once again fell into Chico's romantic love.
Maybe, men always mature later than women, and more likely, Chico always has some inexplicable inferiority complex and insecurities. They gradually became popular because of music. Rita was discovered by scouts again and again. The most recent time, she was going to New York , Rita refused an olive branch from New York's music company for Chico, but was misunderstood by Chico. When Rita was waiting in a chair downstairs in Chico's apartment in the cold night, Chico got drunk. Rumu returned to the apartment in the company of his ex-girlfriend. At this time, misunderstandings were unavoidable, and Rita might also need a reason to leave Chico. What she didn't believe was not Chico's love, but perhaps her future life. Fear and fear, that future life with Chico.
Rita left, went to New York, probably love always has a kind of magical power, a kind of pulling power, Chico also went to New York, went to Rita, Rita refused, Rita because she already has her own He refused to accept Chi Ke, but only under Chi Ke's eyes and under Chi Ke's music, he disarmed and surrendered. The two walked together again, do you remember? Remember every time Chi Ke met Rita? The sentence: I really want to kiss you again. I really want to kiss you one more time. It carries how much we miss the two of you. It is probably this deep miss that can't be counted.
Afterwards, afterwards, and then to Paris, then to Hollywood, and then to Las Vegas, every time the two of them got together again, the kiss always reminded me of the sentence: I I really want to kiss you again. Suddenly I found this sentence in the film, how poetic it is.
Because of the betrayal of a friend in the Cuban Revolution, the two were separated again. It was 47 years, and they kept a low profile in the world. I thought they would never meet again, but I was never reconciled, but this time the theme of this film is destined to be It's not abusive, 47 years is enough for them to kiss again. . isn't it? Maybe the best ending is really the best ending.

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Chico & Rita quotes

  • Chico: Have you thought about your career? About your future?

    Rita: Future, what future? The future never gave me anything! All my hopes are set on the past.

  • Ramón: That's Chico. Unknown, but he's the hottest piano player in Cuba.