love-hate entanglement

Jonas 2022-10-27 16:06:39

It's a love-hate relationship. A good gentleman, a kind-hearted gentleman, who is not very good at raising three children. The filming was good, and the protagonists were well chosen. The poor male protagonist's son, who had no fatherly love, died as soon as he got married. Unexpectedly, the ending is that the heroine's brother's son and his daughter are together. The man's son and the heroine's daughter are such a good match. Michael's son may be because his mother told them, they all know their stories. I don't like the heroine and heroine a bit, but I can understand the shadow left by the hero's childhood and his resentment. The male protagonist and the male protagonist's son were so handsome when they were young. Why did the hero finally commit suicide? Why are those two together again? Maybe it's because the daughter of the woman he loves has changed everything. Even if the child of the woman you love is not yours, there are traces of the person you love, and it will be like her, with her blood flowing. I feel that the heroine's husband is very good, and the husband's sister is also very good, and it's so miserable. I was cheated, and I have no mercy. In the end, I gave birth to such a handsome son. The hero doesn't miss her, he loves the hero. Yes, and he is also kind. He actually wants to heal the man, but unfortunately the male protagonist is too blinded by hatred. The male protagonist feels that it is easier to hate than before, alas.

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