Official ending? It's just a dog's tail.

Eldridge 2022-11-20 21:34:14

Let's brag first, the image management of the cast in the fifth season is still very good, or the professionalism of the American film and television industry is still strong, the real time interval is so long, the main actors are still the same, Michael's gray hair makes People were extremely sighed; T-bag's eyes and voice barely changed, and as soon as he opened his mouth, he took me back to Fox River Prison, as well as Sucre, Lincoln, and Benjamin who was suddenly a Muslim... all still the same.

This is the biggest advantage of the fifth season, and it is its selling point - feelings.

But after watching it with anticipation, I am not very satisfied. First of all, let's talk about the black brother Benjamin. The screenwriter directly made him believe in religion, and he became a "model Muslim" (speaking sheba), and even took the initiative to take Lincoln to Yemen when things were confusing. It was too blunt. Benjamin was born in the military. He reported corruption within the army during his service in Afghanistan. He was framed and sent to Fox Prison because of the guards of officials. He then engaged in material trafficking in Fox and became the number one person. Finally, he forcibly joined the team and successfully escaped from prison.

After escaping from prison, he left alone, because he planned to take his family away, but unfortunately the second season was Ma Hong's home court, and finally surrendered for his daughter. In the previous work, he was the first person in a family, and he didn't have much interaction with Michael later. The third season (seems) did not have his play, and the fourth season was just a touch of water, and he was outside the main character group. Yes, there is nothing to say about his relationship with Michael, but now he is being asked to save Michael without caring for his family and risking his life. I guess, it must be because Ma Hong can't come, and the screenwriter has to write it like this.

In addition, let's talk about Michael's several roars in the play. The first time I remember it was the phrase "I said dont touch me!", which was roared for stealing the watch and planting folly. Then after the escape, the Koreans fell behind, and Michael was furious and scolded. He is a burden. I can expand on this here. This is Michael’s purpose to let the Koreans leave the team. He took a shortcut and went to the assembly point to get the weapons, but I feel that there is no silver 300 taels here. People went straight, Michael pretended to insist on looking for him, and then gave up, to delay the time, instead of walking around the city with Abu, the terrorist leader who was familiar with the terrain, and then being noticed by others. Let's talk about my feelings: roaring is not Michael's style at all, and twice in a row, points are deducted!

There is also a deduction point, that is, Lincoln kisses sheba on the main road. Although there is a foreshadowing of feelings, I think that when the kiss is not there, I am anxious, Lincoln, you are almost becoming a sea king, but there must be people who like to watch it. Speaking of sheba, I guess, the screenwriter definitely didn't want the Koreans to see sheba before letting him stay in the Yemeni town, otherwise it would be hard to call him.

Besides, the two killers are not good. First of all, they are not good enough in appearance. Comparing Gretchen in the third season with the big black brother in the fourth season, there is no temperament at all. The man is too thin. When he was chasing and killing Lincoln, I really sweated for him. If he really ran into Lincoln, it would be no exaggeration for a Lincoln like him to hit ten? The woman, from the beginning to the end, has a completely "I am a killer" expression, and is very mindless. She completely obeys Poseidon, and believes that she can't escape from Poseidon's palm, and the male killer is empty-handed. Persuade her not to kill Michael first, and ask her, she actually shot the male killer directly... In my opinion, the director made the CIA agent look like a fool for the blood-splattered scene.

I still have some questions like why is Michael able to bail the T-bag? Can a pervert murderer like him be released on bail? And what Koreans keep asking, why did Michael take him out of jail? Michael admires the Koreans in his words, saying that he has a good brain, but when he is the highest light, he seems to have used alcohol and a can of gas to blow up a bunch of terrorists. Then there is the code that Michael asked the modeler to take screenshots at the gas station: Don't interrupt the enemy when he makes a mistake. Is it just to mislead Poseidon? I'm really looking forward to what's going to happen in there. And, why did Vip have to die in the end? Originally, father and son recognized each other and redeemed each other with positive energy... I feel bad for T-bag.

In the end, there was no sublimation, it stopped abruptly, and it was boring.

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