European Film Festival gives people a window to observe other countries

Tyrese 2022-10-05 19:02:24

This movie is so good. I really like the three major film festivals. It can give these good directors an opportunity to show themselves, and can give people who appreciate the author's films a great enjoyment.

The scene of this movie convinced me. At the beginning, after the male protagonist's wife fainted in the room, he pushed it to the chaotic painting in the back. In my understanding, this painting that appeared many times showed the complex and depressed mood of the male protagonist. . In the room, looking down at the camera followed by the shot, the male protagonist approaching behind the patterned glass, the mirror effect of the border lake, the metaphorical montage, and the final rotating shot of the male protagonist and his wife - the person does not turn, the background turns, this shot It's really beautiful, expressing the complicated feelings of the couple at the moment. The scene of repairing the tape recorder in the army of the male protagonist's son on the border (it seems to be) adds the color of science and engineering to this artistic film - sure enough, the arts and sciences are not separated, and the whole world is glued together.

The plot is also twists and turns, simple but interesting-the male protagonist's son died, a false alarm, and indirectly because of the male protagonist, and the philosophy behind it, in my opinion, is karma + fatalism. , and let the son receive retribution, and the son was retributed in the world for accidentally killing a carload of innocent people, but this interpretation is too vicious, so I thought of another explanation, that is fatalism. Most of the film and television works with high artistic attainments have the embodiment of fatalism. "Parasite", "No Country for Old Men" and "In the Mood for Love" all reflect the powerlessness of the characters in the face of fate, and I think this movie is no exception. Both the male protagonist and his son caused the death of others due to the guidance of fate, and the male protagonist's family silently accepted this arrangement. Anti-war factors are not new, but as long as there is war in this world. Then the anti-war element will never go out of style.

Because of this movie, I have a deeper understanding of the current country of Israel. I really hope that China can also make a movie like this, providing a window for the world to better understand China.

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