So smiling doesn't mean you're having a good time

Amelia 2022-10-16 12:25:25

Everyone in adolescence is like a monster living in their hearts, and everyone feels that they are not understood or refuse to be understood by others.

Swinging, cowardly, vulnerable, and silently taking on his own weirdness and loneliness in a world that has suddenly become like a bigger monster.

You know that you don't understand yourself, and you know that you don't understand others, but you are more willing to choose to be close to others and pay attention to other people who are unclear and do not understand. Not getting feedback.

You can take on that heavy smiling friendly mask, but what about the loneliness this whole planet has given you? What about the loneliness that growing up gave you?

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2:37 quotes

  • Sean: My mum got me a Husky last week.

    School Counsellor: Oh yeah, how is it?

    Sean: I cut its fucking throat.

    [pause, then Sean laughs]

    Sean: Nah, just kidding, it's good.

  • Sarah: Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to let yourself go.