Babies between primitive and modern

Isabell 2022-11-09 01:56:04

I once watched the growth record of five babies in France from birth to dumb language - "Little Cutie Like Me (also called Baby Diary)", and then watched this country's record of 4 babies from birth to one year old. Many growth records - "Sunshine Baby".
Unlike "Baby Diary", the four babies in this documentary are no longer confined to France, but Pang Nijiao in Opwo, Namibia, Africa, Mary in Tokyo, Japan, and Beja and Bayan Chandman in Mongolia. Heidi of San Francisco, USA. In addition, the narration in "Baby Diary" inevitably includes adult guessing and guidance, while the film "Sunshine Baby" adopts a purely observational method, with no subtitles or narration at all, and really focuses on the four Babies are growing.
The African baby with flies on its body, the Mongolian baby who competed with the goat for bath water, and the American and Japanese baby with good material conditions, these four babies of different races, skin colors and cultural backgrounds grew up in primitive and modern, backward and civilized, despite their survival. The environment and conditions are very different, but they all have their own innocence and cuteness.
For those who don't like watching these cute babies, just the primitive and natural wildness of African tribes and yurts, this documentary is also very worth watching.

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