Babies movie plot

2022-07-12 15:43
From the United States in North America to Japan in Asia, to Namibia in Africa and Mongolia in inland Asia, "Babies" faithfully records the birth of four babies from their mother's womb, to their craving, and then to The process of taking the first step in his life is mixed with the joys, sorrows and sorrows of parents and relatives and friends. It is a movie that is quite worth watching as a parent.
"Babies" simultaneously records the growth trajectories of four newborn babies with a dizzyingly realistic perspective and a joyous mood. They are - Ponijao, a girl, who lives with her family in a famous southwestern Africa. In the country called Namibia, the location is near Opuwo, the original nationality area; Bayarjargal, boy, Bayan Chandman in Mongolia; Mari, girl, living in Tokyo, Japan; Hati, girl, from the United States San Francisco.
From the first breath and cry that came into this world to the first step in life, in a span of one year, we will follow them to experience all the miracles and joys that life has created.
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