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2022-03-26 08:01
Amelia Earhart is a representative of the American spirit of freedom. Naturally, her image has appeared in movies many times, more than ten times, most recently by Amy Adams in " Night at the Museum: Battle of starring in the Smithsonian . In 2004, produced by Warner Bros., Martin Scorsese photographed the biopic of the flight tycoon Howard Hughes, and the response was quite good. This time, 20th Century Fox Searchlight has also worked hard to bring Earhart's story to the screen. From behind the scenes to the cast, it's all very luxurious. Earhart is played by Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank, who last won an Oscar for her role as a female boxer in Million Dollar Baby . Playing Earhart laid the groundwork. Golden Globe winner Richard Tiffany Gere plays Earhart's husband Putman. He and Earhart developed feelings after many cooperations, and for her divorce in 1929, he pursued Earhart persistently and finally won his sweetheart. After marriage, he gave Earhart maximum freedom and understanding, and in order to support his wife's work, they did not go on a honeymoon after marriage. Earhart also kept her surname, not following her husband's. With such a maverick and well-known wife, Putman was sometimes called "Mr. Earhart." British pop star Ewan McGregor also starred in the film, appearing in the story as Gene Vidal, who had a brief romance with Earhart. The producers had been trying to get McGray on board, but it was delayed due to scheduling issues, and he was busy with Angels & Demons and Jim Carrey at the time.of a comedy. Later, he was worth traveling to three studios. As for the director of the film, Mira Nair , an Indian female director , has made many excellent works on the United States and The culture of India , which have been affirmed by the Cannes International Film Festival and have appeared in the nomination list of the Oscar and the Golden Globe Award for many times. In order to be faithful to Earhart's real life to the greatest extent, Ronald Bass, the screenwriter of the film, referred to multiple biographies about her: " The Voice of Wings ", "Emilia Earhart: An Explanation" Unlocking Mysteries, Dawn of the East: The Life of Earhart. The film was shot in New York, Toronto , and Ontario, Canada.
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  • Amelia Earhart: Who wants a life imprisoned in safety?

  • Fred Noonan: Might be easier to shoot me.

    Amelia Earhart: Just lightening the load.

    Fred Noonan: You got room for 180 pounds of asshole?

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