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2022-03-26 08:01
The 1930s was recognized as the "golden age" in aviation history. Humans frequently broke flight records, and the land divided by the ocean seemed to be gradually brought closer by the aviation industry. At the same time, the 1930s was also the traditional economy that patriarchalism was attached to. In the era of female liberation when the order disintegrated with the global crisis, Amelia Earhart , "the first person in human history to fly over the Atlantic Ocean alone", is also a very representative of these years. "Amelia" is the biographical film about the strong woman who mysteriously disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937.
The formula of "historical figures + professional women = Academy Award for Best Actress " is no secret in Hollywood, Julia Roberts , Nicole Mary Kidman , Saliz Theron, Rhys Witherspoon, Helen Lydia Mirren , Marion Cotillard , none Not a beneficiary of this "shallow rule" (if killers and queens count as professions.). In this regard, Hilary Swank , who was twice won the title of female boxer with the help of an homosexual and a broken American dream , is of course very familiar with her chest - but her strength is too strong, once a historical figure, once a professional woman, two times. It was only halfway through, and the little golden man was easily moved. Therefore, next year, the Indian female director Mira Nair, who has gathered two major advantages and joined hands with "Monsoon Wedding" to bid for the Olympic Games, can't help but take a breath, . Could it be that Swank's goal is Katharine Hepburn !
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  • Catalina 2022-03-26 08:01:01

    The ending is a bit sad~!

  • Mae 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    It's definitely a movie with big names~~~ It's a pity that I never wanted to watch it because of the subject itself~~~ The movie itself is very boring, so I watched a story at the time, so I pay tribute to this lady

Amelia quotes

  • George Putnam: Come back to me.

    Amelia Earhart: Always.

  • Amelia Earhart: Who wants a life imprisoned in safety?

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