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2022-03-26 08:01
The sun mirrors the mountains, the wings of the aircraft flicker with silver light, and between the blue sky and the blue sea, a fiery red plane is flying. In that era when women were not as good as men, and in a world flooded with male hormones, the figure of the slender golden woman in the plane was particularly eye-catching. Her name is Amelia Earhart ( Hilary Swank ).
Before she became the first female fighter to fly across the Atlantic in a plane, and before she became the "Goddess of Light" who made America crazy and loved by everyone, Amelia, who used to be an ignorant little girl, dreamed of being able to go far away one day Strange land, by any means. And when she saw the excitement of the plane rushing into the blue sky for the first time, no one could stop her yearning for flying! At the age of 25, she drove a small plane to create her first women's world flight record, roaming at an altitude of 4,210 meters; in the autumn of 1925, she joined the American Airlines Society; three years later, in memory of the great aviator Linzhong Bailang 's first flight. During the one-year anniversary of the transatlantic flight, she became the first female "passenger" to fly across the Atlantic Ocean; later, she founded the world's first female pilot organization, and continued to break a number of world flight records.
This brave, determined and beautiful woman continues to challenge herself to chase her dreams even after she has achieved success. Her charm made Ewan McGregor , a handsome fellow pilot, die for her, and Richard Tiffany Gere , a publisher and writer as well as the Prodigal Explorer , fell in love at first sight. The latter not only married a beautiful woman, but also steadfastly stayed by his wife's side no matter the ups and downs, and was so happy that others envied him.
However, in the summer of 1937, Amelia, who never gave up the challenge, finally encountered the most dangerous difficulty in her life - the "women's single-person circumnavigation flight" plan. The 43,500-kilometer voyage, a near-equatorial route from west to east, was undoubtedly the most difficult and longest-range adventure route for the undeveloped flight technology at that time. Some even asserted that this was an impossible task at all! However, even if she knew the danger well, even if her lover discouraged her, Amelia, who forged an indissoluble bond with flying, resolutely embarked on a new journey. 
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  • Linnea 2022-03-27 09:01:23

    The subject matter itself is contagious, but as a biopic, the film's presentation of the characters' personalities and psychology is superficial, and the actors have little room to play and lack the power to move people. Ewan's role is much less than I thought.

  • Al 2022-03-26 09:01:15

    Too general, inspirational? Feelings? Reminiscence? None of them have been explained, it is as plain as water, such a good actor wasted, and it is so similar to the prototype!

Amelia quotes

  • Amelia Earhart: Who wants a life imprisoned in safety?

  • Fred Noonan: Might be easier to shoot me.

    Amelia Earhart: Just lightening the load.

    Fred Noonan: You got room for 180 pounds of asshole?

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