The Tortured movie plot

2022-07-12 17:04
An upper-middle-class couple lived a prosperous life, but one day their only son was kidnapped and killed atrocity, atrocious, cruel, ruthless . The murderer was only sentenced to twenty-five years in prison . The wife felt that the murderer, atrocity, atrocious, cruel, and ruthless, killed her son, and the punishment was only imprisonment, not Death Penalty; Capital Punishment , so she decided to kill herself with hatred. The murderer, just at this point the husband suggested that it would be too cheap to kill the murderer directly, we are going to slowly The Tortured him to death just like he did to our son. And so they planned a prisoner escape. In fact, they were the robbers. After they got the murderer, they started The Tortured, which was painful for the murderer. But the murderer escaped unexpectedly. At the same time, the police caught the murderer. It turned out that they were not robbing the murderer of their own son, but another The prisoner who was also in the police car. Wrote a note to the couple and finally hanged themselves because of the pain.
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The Tortured quotes

  • Elise Landry: You think that hurt? It's going to get a lot worse tomorrow.

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