Not that she fought well but believed well

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On the basis of following the overall framework of the biblical book of Esther, the movie adds the ups and downs of love story between Esther, Jesse and King Xerxes, but the added plot does not overwhelm the guest, but rather reflects God's salvation through Esther. Jewish thread. The film also accurately captures the essence of Esther, and what really drives the storyline is the hidden hand of God. As Mordecai said to Esther: "Don't you know that you are queen for this time? If you don't help the Israelites, God will save the Jews in other ways, but you and your family will will die." This is a story about faith. When Esther crossed the street in the rain, pushed open the thick and tall gate of the palace hall and walked towards the king, she seemed to see the picture of the young David calmly facing Goliath. They all accomplished the impossible by faith. , as Esther said to the eunuch who stopped him: "He did not fight well, he believed well!" He also liked the poetic dialogue and solemn and open scenes in the movie.

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  • Queen Esther: [daunted by Xerxes's anouncement, to Jesse] Nor there's not to be a Queen here any longer. Mordecai has given me his blessing. Let us leave tomorrow. Together.

  • Mordecai: [worried, about the search for a new Queen] There's no need for alarm. Nor likelihood they will not come for you. And not all who taken will be chosen. Not that the Queen has already been selected through bribery or chicanery.

    Queen Esther: [distressed] How do I keep our laws? How do I pray? What excuse do I offer God for not keeping his commandments?

    Mordecai: Oh, Hadassah. God see's the forward observance according to natures place. I think it would be better... if you forget that you were a Jew. If it is a sin, then, then, then let it be on my head. Promise me you will do that if you are taken. Promise me that!

    Queen Esther: If I am taken, I will do as you say.

    Mordecai: We should give a different name. Hadassah is too Jewish... Esther! Esther is a good Babylonian name. Yes. That is what we shall call you from now on. Esther of Susa. Promise me. Promise if you are taken.

    Queen Esther: I said if I am taken. If, if, if...

    [rising to the door]

    Queen Esther: But for now, you should look for me on the streets of Jerusalem. Dancing like David before the glory of the Lord.

    Mordecai: Uh Hadassah?

    Queen Esther: [singing, before she leaves] Who?