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"Breaking Bad" has been brushed many times. Especially after watching the final season, the screenwriter's ability to fill the hole is amazing. Lao Bai removed all obstacles and ended the myth of "high school teachers build a meth empire every step of the way".

I thought that "Poison Master" was already the climax of the end of the play, but I don't know that a mountain is higher than a mountain. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!" The sinkhole of the spin-off "Breaking Lawyer" made the diehard fans of "Poison Master" jump into it one by one.

Better Call Saul

In fact, "Desperate Lawyer" is an old drama that started two years ago. The style is the same as "Poison Master", the rhythm is relaxed and the acting skills of all the actors are online. There is Saul, a lawyer who wants to get involved in society like Xiaofan, but who is always abusive , and Chuck, a lawyer who is sane like Lao Bai but stabs his brother ruthlessly ; Tuco, Mike, Gus, Hector, etc. in the original play When all the members come on stage, the character design continues very well, and the already plump characters in the original play are portrayed more vividly.

Gus, the "teacher" who was beaten to death by Lao Bai in the original play

In order to shape the characters in "Poison Master", some "slightly procrastination" psychological profiles are often designed. The original intention of the screenwriter is to create suspense in accordance with the "iceberg theory" of literary works , allowing the audience to figure out the character's psychology from the characters' subtle movements, expressions, behaviors, and lines , as well as the plot direction after reverie.

Can the fans of the original drama still have time for the old white who played 50 minutes of flies in the third season?

This is the highlight of the plot of the series. From time to time, some extremely abnormal and seemingly completely uncharacteristic plots appear after the previously slow foreshadowing. After the audience put their fallen chin back, their first reaction was to complain about the blood of the plot, but after thinking about it, it turned out that this "dog blood" plot had actually begun to emerge in the previous foreshadowing. Just like the college entrance examination essay question "unexpected and reasonable" more than ten years ago .

The plot of "The Lawyer" not only continues this tradition, but also takes the viewing experience to a higher level. Because it is essentially a spin-off drama, there is no need to add more brush and ink to the characters of the old characters, and the screenwriter can concentrate all his energy on creating ups and downs and creating suspense. The procrastination of "Poison Master" was swept away . Take out the plot line of any character, and you are not familiar with any masterpiece.

My personal favorite is the plot line of " Housekeeper" Mike's "Housekeeper" .

The former policeman Mike has excellent business skills. Regardless of marksmanship, tracking, anti-tracking, fighting, reasoning skills are first-class. In order to avenge the murder of his son, he committed a murder case , and relocated to a small town in New Mexico, where his daughter-in-law and granddaughter lived, and became an uncle guard in the parking lot of a government unit.

The professional conduct of the doorman is also unbelievable.

In order to save money to buy a house for his daughter-in-law and granddaughter, Mike took some private work in the underworld and met the younger brother of Tuco, a drug-trafficking lunatic. The younger brother was convinced by Mike's business ability, and just wanted to kill the boss Tuco, so he wanted to hire Mike to kill Tuco with a high salary .

The little brother's plan is simple and rude

On the one hand, Mike doesn't want to shoot people anymore, on the other hand, the living environment of his daughter-in-law and granddaughter needs to be improved urgently. In line with the spirit of "Meng's mother moved three times", "you can't suffer your children and you can't have a poor education" , Mike didn't hesitate to set a bitter trap, and let Tuco go to prison without killing one person.

Bitter Meat Meter in exchange for $25,000

Unexpectedly, Tuco is the nephew of Hector (the wheelchair man in "Drug Master"), the head of the Mexican drug cartel Cartel. The big drug lord himself bends over to persuade Mike to exonerate his nephew.

In order to save his nephew from prison for a few years, the old uncle broke his heart

Mike used people's money to help people out of disasters ( as early as in the previous plot, he portrayed his upright professional ethics very well ). Refused to incriminate Tuco. However, the big drug lord is not easy to provoke, and he moved to rescue soldiers from Mexico: Xiong Daxiong two "bald killer" brothers.

Very oppressive lens

The ruthless character brother in "Poison Master", the killer code name 47 has a sense of sight

"Narcos 101" - If I can't deal with you, I'll deal with your family

How can Mike (the real family protector), who is quite similar to the old white man in "Poison Master", endure threats to his family. Thanks to his scheming, he takes advance and retreat first, and the lion asks Hector for $50,000 for "criminal fees", cleverly using the drug lord's profit-seeking psychology to paralyze Hector. Make him think that Mike is a speculator who takes the opportunity to blackmail.

"Poison Master" fans should remember that Lao Bai also used the same method on Tuco

The drug lord's mentality of "mixing on the road" has been exploited

The slightly raised mouth corners, the expression of unwillingness and contempt is in place

Mike the old hunter sits and waits for the weather to calm down. Begin to settle accounts after the fall. First, using his investigative skills, he figured out Hector's routine for transporting drugs and money, and he waited for the truck that transported drugs.

Where is the money hidden?

He wanted to get the police to target Hector's Mike through the drug truck robbery, but he still imagined that he would solve this big problem for family safety without knowing it without using a gun. Somehow, Hector killed his mouth and hid the loss, and came here to eat coptis. Helpless Mike had to pick up the sniper rifle, ready to kill Hector .

Judging from the lines, Mike should be a Vietnam War veteran

Mike, who thought that things were done without anyone knowing, was squatting and sniping when he suddenly heard the horn of the car he was hiding behind. Following the sound, I looked over and saw a note on the windshield .

It turns out that the mantis is behind the cicada and the oriole

Mike feels powerless

The moment I saw the note, I believed that Mike's heart was broken. There is probably a feeling of an old driver driving a McLaren and being overtaken by Wuling Hongguang in a corner . The last time I looked around, I could still see an enemy like the bald brother, but this time I looked around and couldn't even see the shadow of a ghost. The so-called most terrifying enemy can't be seen, and the actor's micro-expression fully reflects this feeling of powerlessness. (It took a few light years for the national drama to explode after acting!)

The plot line of the second season of "Family Defenders vs. Mexican Drug Lords" came to an abrupt end here, and the evil screenwriter made the diehard fans hang like this for more than half a year. Finally, the third season of "The Lawyer" returned last week, and Mike staged a criminal investigation drama of tracking and anti-tracking. (No spoilers, you can start brushing directly from the third season.)

Even such a subplot can be self-contained, with ups and downs, not to mention the main plot of the protagonist Saul 's "street gangster turned into a lawyer" . The plot has been enshrined, as for the actors' acting skills, camera language, character characterization, psychological profile, dubbing and soundtrack... almost impeccable! This show, whether you are a "Breaking Bad" fan or not, is definitely worth watching!

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