"Desperate Lawyer" S3E7: Anger arises from the heart, evil grows from courage

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This week ushered in the most " deep " episode of The Lawyer's third season so far. It continued to shrink on the basis of the multi-line laying out after the outbreak. It does not look exciting enough, but underneath the surface it contains extremely explosive energy . The episode can be divided into three relatively independent stories : Mike, Kim and Jimmy . There are subtle changes between Mike's quietness and movement, Kim's self-contradiction and doubt, and Jimmy's transition from embarrassment to poverty to evil thoughts ... whichever one It can be used as the key point, but since Jimmy occupies the most space, it is better to leave the heavy responsibility of "title responsibility" to Jimmy who continues to blacken.

Mike: Get the sun, dive into the dark

In the last episode, Nacho hid the capsule, and he was definitely going to cause trouble, but the first person he came to find was Wormold, the "drug mouse" who was so stupid and cute in the first two seasons , which was a bit unexpected. .

After a short period of surprise and greetings, the two entered the topic. Warmold was quite puzzled. Isn't it just an ordinary heart-saving capsule. It's very cheap to write a prescription and then go to the pharmacy to buy it...

"What I want is an empty capsule, which will be filled with something else, with that special marking on it." Here, Nacho's meaning is also very clear: I just don't want to leave any records of buying medicine, because I'm going to poison people with stuff like this empty capsule.

Nacho offered a benefit of 20,000 US dollars, and Warmold agreed inexplicably, which paved the way for Mike to escort him later.

At this time, Mike was renovating the playground of the church with his own money, and the others were embarrassed: "Please, we can't let you work alone, and these equipments are still your money, at least let the church compensate you. "

Although Mike refused, he still couldn't hold back everyone's kindness , and at the same time he got to know the kind-hearted widow Anita.

There may be a lot of people saying "Mike is too much" or "Daughter-in-law Stacy is too bitch" in this paragraph, but I don't think it is necessary - because Mike really likes doing this, and watching It turned out that he was very happy, completely enjoying it.

The most direct evidence is that Mike rubbed the mud stains on his fingers with a smile before going to the parking lot at night to work the night shift... Just look at the inadvertent expression on his face when he is alone.

Stacey's strategy works unexpectedly, and Mike seems to be back in the "sunshine" . At this time, Warmold, who symbolized that he had a "dark" history, appeared... For security reasons, Warmold wanted to hire Mike again - but on the one hand, he was doing illegal activities, and on the other hand, he He was still a pig teammate with a lack of brains, so Mike rejected him .

Even if Warmold mentioned Nacho's name, at most Mike had to listen to it a few more words, sir, I'm comfortable in the sun now, don't just come and drag me into the dark night again .

So, Mike dismissed the other party with "I'm not interested, you find a way to get out yourself".

Mike's change in mentality can also be seen from the last time he attended a mutual aid meeting in the church: when he listened to Anita's story, his expression was completely different from the last time - the last time was only attended by Stacey. , indifferent and a little impatient, but this time I listened attentively and felt the same ...

Maybe everyone and everything here is innocent and weak, but Mike has found a long-lost peace and solace here.

Afterwards, he spoke to Anita, only to hear her say, "...I don't know...whether he slipped or had a heart attack, or had a bad guy who didn't like him... even after all these years . , I don't know the cause of his death, nor his whereabouts. I really hope these things don't bother me, but I really can't let go ."

This sentence, however, touched Mike unexpectedly. What is more terrifying than knowing the news of the death of a relative is that the relative has no news, the life and death are unknown, and there is no details, clues, or hope...

The details of his son Marty's death are known only to the two police scum who killed him... And the kind-hearted passerby who was eventually killed because he robbed a poisoned car, his family is also suffering the same pain as Anita... …

Suddenly, Mike understands a lot, but there may also be one truth: for the tranquility in the sun, some people are destined to be knights in the night.

Of course, these are deep insights, and one of the most direct motivations is: I can guess that Nacho is going to kill Hector, and I can't let him do bad things.

Mike agreed to kill Hector, but experience has shown that things are not so simple , otherwise he would have shot Hector in the head as early as the end of last season...

Mike wants to know Nacho's plan, he's not trying to stop anything , he just wants to make sure Nacho knows what he's doing, what's going to happen, and what chain reactions will follow.

Apparently Nacho wasn't as thoughtful as Mike, who couldn't wait to get rid of Hector in order to save Dad's life.

Mike first warned Nacho of the consequences of the assassination, then checked his fuel tank cap and found no tracker before saying:

"There are more people to watch out for than Salamanga, if you've managed to unpack your pills and you haven't gotten a headshot, replace them quickly...if someone notices that the pills aren't working, they'll check the pills... "

At this point, Mike is completely teaching Nacho how to assassinate Hector correctly and safely , so when he asks for something like Nacho, it is not enough to attract everyone's special attention——

Because 80% is an auxiliary means to help Nacho's assassination (paralysis) plan, a necessary condition for the soft landing of this plan .

Think about it, Gus is a thousand times ten thousand times more terrible than Hector. Mike himself is afraid of Gus's pressure and can't do it easily, but obviously Gus has not noticed the relationship between Nacho and Hector. Contradictions, if he can use his hands to complete revenge, it is also excellent-besides, if Nacho is allowed to mess up, I am afraid that he may be implicated.

Jin: From self-blame, to drifting away

There are huge differences between people. From this season, you can find the difference between Kim and Jimmy, especially the nature of human beings, and the two are even more different .

Kim is a decent, soft-hearted, kind-hearted person. At the end of last season, for the business of Mesa Verde Bank, she acquiesced to Jimmy's cheating and cheating behavior, which was the beginning of her deal with the devil... Since then, Kim's heart has been suffering , The repeated revision of a punctuation in the first episode is a testament to her anxiety.

Before coming to Page to talk about business details this time, Jin arrived a while early and chose to take a 5-minute nap in the car, but fell into a deep sleep. It can be seen that after the success of "framing" Chuck, Jin fell into a bigger and deeper invisible under pressure ...

After the two met, Page was full of praise for Jin's victory, and incidentally mocked Chuck to be useless, but as everyone knew, this caused a greater burden on Jin, who was unhappy in his heart .

Finally, when the two had a disagreement over a small detail, Jin suddenly broke out.

After a while, Jin realized that he had lost his temper just now, and he shouldn't be angry with the client's boss...

Page didn't care, only when Kim was too serious about the job and had a strong sense of responsibility, so he would be abnormal.

The matter had been revealed here, but Jin suddenly said something like this: " In my opinion, what we did...we ruined a patient ."

It seems that the blonde is just showing goodwill and reminding everyone that they shouldn't gloat, that this victory is not worth celebrating... In fact, this is a reflection of her inner contradictions, suspicions and self-blame . This time, Page's eyes on Jin began to change.

In the evening, the unhappy Jin was dragged to the tavern by the equally unhappy Jimmy, and the two began to "seek" all kinds of arrogant and nasty takers , so the following climax occurred:

"We'll do this later... sell him a worthless credit card for $5,000 and all you have to do is make eye contact with him and just do that and he'll think you're interested in him, I pretend I'm drunk and he'll think I'm a jerk and want to take you away and he'll follow through. Tell him you can't leave me, not now, tell him you're going to steal my wallet while I'm drunk , he'll want to join, he'll help you get me drunk. Then you take my wallet and steal my card, understand?"

Starting from the hatred and resentment when the target was determined to be a "big bastard", as the plan was revealed in his mouth, Jimmy's expression gradually became focused and fierce, then bloodthirsty and ferocious, and finally became calm and natural. , put the Buddha in his heart.

Kim looked at Jimmy as if he was looking at a stranger - he used to cheat together, Jimmy's tone and words and deeds were more like juggling, with a cynical and unrestrained, but now Jimmy is exuding greed and viciousness. The smell, like a hungry wolf ready to choose someone to devour.

Kim, who was frightened by Jimmy , couldn't help but ask, "Aren't we really going to take action? Are we just talking?" Jimmy also realized that his "other nature" had been exposed , and quickly agreed.

Next, Kim chats with Jimmy about Chuck's case, and her conscience has been stabbed so badly that she can't help but ask Jimmy "Was there another way?"

Jimmy seemed more at ease : " We can only do that ." Kim added, "But Rebecca..."

Before he could finish, he was interrupted rudely by Jimmy: "Everything that happened is his fault, it's all. You don't think about him anymore, he doesn't deserve to occupy your mind, it's over."

Although the deep hatred between the two brothers was caused by Chuck, and to a certain extent Chuck is indeed responsible for more, but it is all the fault of the brother? ...hehe, Jimmy, you've really been on the worst path.

Jin's response was a long silence and looking around. Maybe Jimmy's "it's over" was right... But at the same time, she also saw that Jimmy didn't have any self-blame or self-reflection, not even a trace of shame.

This has nothing to do with the grievances and grievances between the two brothers, it is simply a manifestation of a person's basic moral concept and personality.

Here is a very interesting detail. When Jin was "baptized" by Jimmy's natural attitude, the background music in the tavern was ethereal and distant, with a sense of emptiness in the stretch. After a brief silence, the BGM switched to a lively, active, rhythmic style. The drum beats, and Kim starts to look for the next victim before Jimmy - this scene, it's amazing !

In short, after discovering that the two people are fundamentally different in their personalities and even their three views, although they can maintain the apparent harmony, Jin is destined to drift away from Jimmy .

Jimmy: Resentment (anger) starts from the heart, and evil grows on the side of courage

In addition to Mike and Kim, Jimmy's story runs through the entire episode. Although it is a little rushed, we still see how much power a person forced by reality can explode - especially a person like Jimmy. .

The opening chapter is the scene where Jimmy is the first to line up and do community service with a group of people from the bottom of the society (labor teammates?).

Others were still waiting to get in the car, but Jimmy couldn't help but read the "Disclaimer" two more times, and finally, under the impatient gaze of everyone, hastily signed the matter.

From this, it can be seen how out of tune Jimmy is with this group of ordinary people-you must know that this group of three sects and nine-rate monsters, but the main customer group of Saul Goodman in the future, obviously, Jimmy is still far from practicing.

On the one hand, I have to pick up rubbish under the overpass, and on the other hand, I have to answer the phone and talk about business. Jimmy's life is not to mention a lot of hard work, but this is something we have to do. After all, we must cherish every opportunity to save money now... Yes , not to make money, at most can only be called stop loss .

When it was finally time to go back, "Overwatch" wrote Jimmy's four hours into half an hour, arguing that "you've been on the phone and you should treat community service like life in prison."

At this time, after Jimmy "encountered injustice", he wanted to encourage other teammates to resist together, but what he gained was only impatience and rolling eyes, and in the end he had no choice but to admit his counsel.

Thinking of Sol's sophistry and exoneration for all kinds of people suspected of breaking the law in the future, I can only sigh: Your Long March has only begun...

On the other hand, the promotion of Jimmy's advertising business is not smooth . The wife Guan Yan, who sells the sofa, can only spend the money for one advertisement. Jimmy's plan to package and sell seven advertisements was successfully aborted.

However, he still received a sum of money, barely supporting Jimmy through the financial crisis of the day.

It's just that this meager income is basically dead after paying the monthly rent... Men who are desperate for face often have this common problem: the more money they have, the more money they have to pay.

Ordering a Chinese takeout, Jin knew that Jimmy was already out of money, and expressed that he wanted her to treat him, but Jimmy insisted on coming by himself, and the result was that there was only $25 left.

Then, after doing community service in a dirty suit, getting on the film crew, the classic car laying in the nest, taking the bus to the next group of customers, the other party broke the contract again... All of this shows that Jimmy's life is changing. More and more embarrassed and difficult.

Good words can’t be fooled, and half discounts can’t be obtained. The owner of the piano shop is so determined that he doesn’t want to shoot this advertisement. At this time, Jimmy (Sol)’s ruthlessness came out, and I shot it for free . In fact, Jimmy’s choice also makes sense. At this time, it is impossible to find someone else. Instead of letting the upcoming commercial period "open the skylight", it is better to give it away as a favor. The money for the film crew and the TV station must be given no matter what. Do something .

Afterwards, he still gave the three people the money according to the amount, which shows that Jimmy is still a person with general knowledge, otherwise he will not be able to achieve great things ...

The makeup artist girl has a good heart, knowing that Jimmy "lost money", she turned her head and wanted to give him the money back, but Jimmy refused : You deserve it, I can tell the difference, and this money can't change anything .

Jimmy was defeated by reality, his "ideas" were too advanced and unacceptable to the public, and his "magic" also failed, not everyone eats his way...

It seems that the only way to change the predicament is to find another way . The meeting with Jin in the tavern can be regarded as a direction for Jimmy: My hateful brother, your value has not been squeezed out by me.

So there is a scene to go to the insurance company. Of course Jimmy didn't come here to get the insurance money , he knew that the insurance company couldn't refund the unused professional negligence insurance money - he was going to "pit" Chuck, otherwise, he didn't need to be silent to identify his brother as Charles McGill .

Why I can't get the money, the premium has risen by 150%, it's so sad, I've had a terrible life recently, and I have to say it out in tears, it 's all fake, all Jimmy really wants to say is: "My brother is mentally ill."

After that, they are all used to help explain "mental illness". The most amazing thing is that Jimmy is still telling the truth ...

When the conversation was almost over, the other party began to record silently, and Jimmy pretended to react and said that he had leaked, and quickly stopped, saying that it was time to go.

Before leaving, Jimmy also said, "You won't do anything, right?" This is just a reminder to urge the other party, "You better do it for me quickly!"

As soon as Jimmy left, the mourning face immediately became fierce, extreme, decisive, and with that smile, it was obviously a trick.

This is also the most unpredictable part of this episode. One thing is certain, Jimmy is definitely going to kill Chuck again . It is good to increase the insurance premium. It is possible to cut off his insurance directly.

(If the animation can't move, use a screenshot--)

But the question is also coming . Jimmy, who has been cornered now, should be helpless. What benefits can he get from it? Is it as simple as "I'm happy if Chuck is having a bad day"?

Therefore, I can only guess that this is a series of tricks by Jimmy. Now it is only the first step, and there will be a series of tricks later. The final result is that Jimmy will get the insurance premium, or seek greater benefits - Saul Goodman will do anything to achieve his goals, and Jimmy is constantly evolving...


Today, 5.24, is my birthday on the Gregorian calendar (two days before the lunar calendar). Although I have never been happy about this, there are three things that make me happy today-

First, I was recognized by a new fan in the morning. I was the author of the pirate essence post on the JOJO enthusiastic forum. It has been eight or nine years since the past eight or nine years, and someone still remembers my ID. What a surprise!

Second, the anniversary event of the favorite game "Overwatch" starts today. Although I have rarely played it recently, I still went up to see the updated skin, voice, and expression. I want to buy Lucio's new orange peel!

The third is to write my favorite "lawyer" drama review. Now my favorite every week is to watch the update on Tuesday night and write a drama review on Wednesday (I also tried to start using animations today), and treat it as a gift to myself this year~ Happy birthday to yourself! "There is love comment area" for attention!

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