Everyone has claustrophobia

Arielle 2022-07-17 21:05:29

This film follows the basic setting mode of the escape film, which is a relatively closed space, with urgent external constraints such as time, as well as warriors and fools. The main line of the story is that the subway station was flooded. The train crushed the first group of people to death after emergency braking. The survivors fled back along the flooded railroad tracks. Dangerously obstructed all kinds of negative poles to get rebirth. The sub-line is the emotional connection between the male lead and the second male lead, and the contradiction manifested by the child as the center of performance; the little beauty and the little handsome guy are responsible for the ups and downs of the plot. In general, the disaster scenes are delicately presented, and the stereotypes frequently show bright spots, making people nervous from the beginning to the end. The bug is that the ending obviously can't be escaped, so I just arranged a ending to go home, maybe to round the emotional line of the heroine. It should end when you get to the shaft. The two female figures are Avril Lavigne. The male two resemble Putin.
I won't dare to take the subway anymore.

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