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Hillary 2022-07-06 15:04:36

I finally finished watching

Brideshead Revisited

, the longest TV I've watched in a long time.

Watching two episodes in one day is too much for me. I'm afraid of sinking in the sad dark atmosphere.

This is the kind of deliberate sadness created by the kind of film noir that advertises it. It's different

and I have to admit that although I watched the movie version at first and thought it was very clever, Sebastian is very beautiful. Now I can only say that the movie version is very good and the TV version is a masterpiece

and a movie that I don't dare to watch a second time. Compared with the version of the plot, TV has too many touching plots, and the plot of the movie version has been changed to be annoying.

Don't say what Charles did in the movie version, what an idiot Thirteen did, just say that TV

Charles likes Sebastian no doubt maybe he only loved Sebastian maybe he also loved Julia as a secular love

"Sebastian is with us daily in Julia, and in every stone in the house"

and Sebastian's love is that Catholicism will never be The sadness of allowed gay love TV is that in the atmosphere of DOKIDOKI where two people are everywhere, there is a hopeless sadness everywhere

Sebastian believes that he is guilty and cannot be redeemed. Sinking in the fact that "guilty" is impossible Break free and Charles can never understand the deepest sorrow in his heart So Sebastian left him for North Africa for the same reason Charles left Morocco

Carrying the weight of the cross The weight of the ubiquitous repression that is the weight of sin That is the weight of life And

then Charles met Julia He saw Sebastian in Julia

A disheartened Charles left Sebastian Feeling more like someone who couldn't love anymore Maybe just for Sebastian in Julia He went back to brideshead and watched it all come to an end

And finally on the steps he said "I know That's a religious gulf that can never be crossed between him and Brideshead. Brideshead belongs to the church in the end and he is always to himself.

He never changes to anyone but Sebastian rewrites his life. He sits Crying on the steps because he finally accepted the fact that

there will never be another Sebastian, there will never be a memory so dazzling that he can't look straight He's doomed to be lonely forever

Countless tiny details penetrate every nerve Looking at the fear, thinking, fear of falling into it, without any special exaggeration, is the most common, ordinary, unwavering narrative, so natural and really like the dead memory of a person whose heart is like water. The calm atmosphere has created the magic in my heart. Even now, I can still see Sebastian and Charles smiling and talking in my mind

. When I think about it, I can't help but dokidoki. I can also clearly see Sebastian's drunken heartbreak in the dark. I almost cried and said to Charles I just want to see u I can see his haggard face in the Moroccan hospital

It's a story like arsenic that slowly corrodes you and finally leaves you with so much pain and angina that you can't experience it again

At least I can't watch it a second time

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