Why do you choose not to have it every time?

Daija 2022-07-16 20:56:38

"She is always very reserved, but she will not let you down completely. Such a girl always makes me very scared." - This is Juni, pure and free, like a deep pool of white lotus Juni.

In fact, in the process of watching, I had an intuition: "In the film, many people have been appearing one after another. After Juni appeared for a while, Naimos appeared. But the first moment he appeared, I guessed that Juni will be in the future. , I will focus on having a story with it.”

What I remember most is that Juni quietly squatted outside the classroom door, listening to Naimos’s lectures for a long time, unwilling to go in or leave. I don't want to go in because I'm afraid that I will sink deeper after seeing him; I don't want to leave, just because I want to hear more of his voice. Anticipating that Juni was at the door, Naimos finally couldn't help rushing out of the classroom, pulling Juni who was panicking to escape: "Juni, I can't do this anymore... I'm just as overwhelmed as you are..." , and then suddenly pulled her close, saying nothing, just stroking the long hair on her cheek. It turned out that some things had already silently infiltrated into you, who was fully suppressed, and it was not confirmed to each other until this moment. They haven't said anything, and now they don't need to say anything more.

But if there is any touch this time, in fact, it will only make the fragile her escape more decisively. As Juni later said to Naimos: "I don't feel embarrassed to say my opinion, I think that's one of my no-go zones, the way I'm honest. If you don't love me anymore Now, I'm going to suffer more than you say I'm 'the rules of the game'. We're in love, but how long can we love? There's no lasting love, not even in books. I can't help it Have confidence, you are so handsome, everyone likes you, you have loved many people, I know at least two. What if one day you fall in love with someone else? Do you think she is better than me? More lovely, I can't stand it, I'll die of jealousy. That's how I saw the letter that day, and I thought someone was in love with you again. So I'm going to keep myself from getting into pain." The next day, in the afternoon On the ship, Juni stood in the cold sea breeze, and once again chose to leave without saying goodbye to love.

Juni, how transparent, sensitive and fragile you are, the more calm, decisive and hurtful you are. Why every time, you would rather choose not to have it? Why did you choose not to own it, in fact, you have seen it, right? Because I don't want to lose, I choose not to have.

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