Disappointing Season 3

Christina 2022-11-17 18:09:13

The third season was so disappointing to me. When I watched the first season and the second season, I felt that they were a group of robbers with flesh and blood. Although there were quarrels and infighting, I understood that it was for the sake of the plot. When 17 hostages escaped in the first season, it was exciting and exciting. At first, I thought it would not be successful, but it did. Moreover, in order to block the blasted door, the exciting shootout was too cool. In the first two seasons, Berlin has always been insane. I didn't expect that the more he played, the more rational and attractive he felt. No wonder he was the captain. He could control the overall situation with great courage. , and did not let the demon Tokyo destroy the operation. I was so disappointed in the third season. What kind of thing is the new captain this time, I won't talk about comrades. Why is he so patriarchal and arrogant, he almost went blind when he appeared on the stage, and he would only roar when he encounters things, too Disappointing. The professor's girlfriend, who can't climb a tree, can be trained in everything, even the operation to remove the bug, and the operation to remove the bullet. At the end of the third season, Raquel was arrested. Is the professor so calm? When I watched it as a viewer, I thought it couldn't be true. I knew that it was impossible to kill Raquel so directly. Why did you kill him? Digging for information, or using it to threaten people, why do you believe that you will be executed directly? IQ is IQ. Alas, I'm so disappointed in the third season. The whole drama is the same robbery routine, the same narrative method, the same annoying Tokyo, and the same inexplicable infighting and quarrels as in the first and second seasons. But the image of the president's secretary and the fat intern is far from the fullness and richness of so many little people and hostages in the first season. Ugh.

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