The madman's tribute goes beyond the madman, and reality is greater than reality

Braulio 2022-10-19 15:15:28

i make films because i have not learned anything else.
and i know i can do it to a certain degree.
and it is my duty..
because this might be the inner chronicle of what we are.
and we have to articulate ourselves..
otherwise we would be cows in the field.

So you transported the whole iron ship to the top of the mountain. Fitzgerald finally gave up, he also broke up the boat, and he broke his confidence because the natives offered boats to the river gods according to their dreams - and you prepared three identical boats, it took five years And a ton of money just to make a perfect failure in a movie.

This persistent dream has been reflected on countless times in my heart, and has been complained by all the actors and natives. When you are looking at the camera in the Peruvian rainforest that is "certainly not fully evolved" but you are madly in love with, calmly expressing your eagerness and hesitation... I don't know what gorgeous or simple words should be used to describe you thirty A feat from years ago, because—look what a foolish and happy fun it is to savor the fun of still indulging in reason, under the control of this goddamn fellow, and almost forgetting to let go of body and mind to pursue your dreams: How can I judge you?

No kind of dream is achieved by luck, otherwise it will be difficult to be happy even if you get what you want. Such as being bitten by mosquitoes in the rainforest, driving a big boat repeatedly to hit the rocks for the camera, until the camera is full of wounds and blood, or the foot is caught by a broken wood, or almost killed by an arrow (how did you decide which thorn to use? Arrows through the throats of natives for your children?), or the extreme disgust of being caught in a swath of mud...these are nothing. The most terrifying thing is in the depths of the dense forest that spreads hundreds of miles in front, back, left and right. As the leader of everyone, I am worried that they will lose confidence in you - if the water level drops, you will have to wait for the first half of the year, and if you run out of funds, you will have to wait. Half of the actors left, the engineer in charge of moving the ship said that the success rate of transportation is only 30%, and if it fails, dozens of people will die... Every possible failure of the team is fatal, compared to the individual The physical and mental pain was almost insignificant. How many five years are there in a person's life? How long can a director's golden age last? Everyone knows that it's always easier to give up than to hold on, it's a momentary thing - and lunatics like Herzog, the reason they create great works is not because of genius ideas, but because of foolish persistence. The belief in this is that life should be burned for dreams - Fitzgerald in the movie did that, but had no choice but to give up. When watching that epic movie, I didn't see much of Herzog, only a tragic Kinski: he in the movie is more than the person he played in reality, at least he is more crazy , intending to make a whole boat go from one river to another - all stubbornness, no compromise, just so that the audience can appreciate the weight of dreams and the hardships of achieving a moment of glory: these are all carried out by the land voyage. The big guy is materialized. And now, looking at this documentary about the creator of epic movies, I see no one else but Herzo: the worthy madman who, in all his words and in his own words, pays more homage than he The movie itself is more magical. The so-called movie is greater than the reality, and the reality itself is greater than the movie, so a documentary is needed to record the reality itself: the two movies have completed a wonderful reincarnation.

The film ends in a tedious, rudimentary but nice-looking photography: also a record, but as full of metaphor as the dead body of the red parrot with its wings spread. An analogy that can be thought of is: why is there a Polaroid instead of using it, but choose this kind of time-wasting imaging trick with double exposure and full manual operation, which may not have a good effect? —It's like Herzog or Fitzgerald trying to go on land and boating: it's nice to be a grass-grazing cow, but there's no point in living like that.

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