half girlfriend, one wife

Lori 2022-09-18 22:06:32

An unmarried man ends up marrying a divorced woman, which is really rare in Indian movies.

If you only look at this movie from the perspective of handsome men and beautiful women who have gone through twists and turns and finally achieved positive results, then the divorce of the heroine should be regarded as a stalk. But judging from the theme the film wants to reveal, it should be a more profound reflection of the social phenomenon - unequal treatment of women.

Girls can't go to school, they can't get a better education, they can't get divorced, and they can keep their marriages even if they're abused. This is a common social culture in India, even in many parts of China today.

However, luckily, the hero that the heroine met, he finally broke through the resistance. Facing the divorced her, he did not turn around and run away, but reflected on the mistakes he had made-the last quarrel, he fought She, he, like many other men, didn't think hitting a woman was wrong just because she refused to have sex with him.

Fortunately, some people realize that it is inappropriate for girls not to go to school or divorce, because women also have their own independent personalities, and it is women who give birth to men. An educated woman with a happy marriage plays an important role in the cultivation of a good boy. Therefore, the male protagonist persuaded his mother to have a happy family, a happy marriage, and a noble career.

He said: Because my mother taught me very well. He said: Never give up.

She said: "I thought my mother should support me the most, but she gave up on me. She said: Never give up.

If the heroine does not have a good family background to support it, has not received a good education, and has not acquired the means to make a living, will she give up?

If the male protagonist hadn't been born in a poor village, had seen too much suffering, and met an outstanding woman who caught everyone's attention, would he have given up?

The male lead is too fat, the female lead is too beautiful, and the second female lead is even more beautiful. The singing and dancing have always been enthusiastic and unrestrained, and the music is beautiful. The male protagonist was finally able to support his ideals. With the financial support of Bill Gates, can't he rely on Indian society to solve social problems by itself? Fail. After all, the theme of the film is to expose social problems, not to be shot entirely as a commercial romance film.

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