Only women can understand

Wellington 2022-11-20 08:08:22

Somerset Maugham wrote in the first chapter of The Blade: The story is barely telling, and the ending is neither death nor marriage. Death is the end of everything, so it is the end of a story, but it is also very suitable to end with marriage; those who are so-called big reunions and self-righteous people of the world should not be despised.

The film begins with death and ends with marriage. Rather than being a film with a strong "Peruvian political connotation", as many critics say, it is a feminist film with a magical realism. It is a film that interprets possibilities. I really like this sentence by Jacques Mandelbaum: "In a work full of freedom, with the talent and beauty of a female director, it has achieved a light weight."
What is a "lifting weight" film? ---For example, Ozu Yasujiro's "Tokyo Story", in the trivial family entanglements like "old mother's uncle", you can experience the loneliness and desolation of life; for example, Yang Dechang's "One One", in the middle-aged crisis, a family of old and young Birth, old age, sickness and death interrogate life; have you ever had at least one visit to see the world on the back of your head? For example, Rohmer's "The Marquise" simply expresses erotic responsibility and morality in the rambled dialogue.
Undoubtedly, the film "Milk" embodies the female director's unique understanding of women's own suffering and disaster. This is a film about women's own painful growth, and it is an aesthetic product that confronts imprisoning and breaking free. It's all men who don't understand, right? Let me ask: If you are a woman, don't you understand the physical and psychological meaning of "potatoes growing in your lower body"; if you are a woman, don't you realize that The fear of "walking alone on a noisy street" and "seeing a man walking towards you from a distance on the steep stairs"; if you are a woman, don't you realize that "with red flowers in your mouth is your favorite" The shyness of a man opening the door, but the moment he opened the door, he spit flowers on the ground"? If you are a woman, don't you see that "the heroine kept her promise and completed her self-redemption, and finally carried her mother's body and shouted loudly between the sea and the desert: 'Mom, I let you see the sea! '" Will you cry?
What is "the sea"? It is the spiritual home of girls, mothers and all women. It is the other side of happiness that you can travel to reach after how many inner struggles and how many painful memories you throw away.

There are too many heavy motifs in the movie: 1. Life and death----the old woman's death burial and cousin's wedding are carried out at the same time; 2. Oppression and resistance----the white hostess plagiarized the songs of indigenous girls to In the end, the girl clung tightly to the pearl that should have belonged to her. (You can think about the meaning of pearls for women); 3. Men and women—girls’ initial tension and fear towards men and later reconciliation and coexistence, until they go to the hospital to remove the “potato with poisonous sprouts” from the body removed in. . . These are the favorites of the Berlin Film Festival.

Just listening to such a motif is heavy enough, but female directors have the ability to lift weights lightly: at the beginning of the film, the old woman explained in the old woman's sobbing ballads that "the tragic experience of the old woman in the period of military and political terror. ”, I won’t go into too much detail; the whole film has a musical rhythm that is relaxed and moderate, and sadness and joy are blended together, just like real life. I still remember that scene: my uncle said that he would bury the old woman's body in a dirt pit outside the house, but before it became a burial place, everyone turned the dirt pit into a free swimming pool, playing music and holding sun umbrellas. The fake prosperity of a fictional holiday resort. (I really love such a national character, maybe my past life was in South America.) The happy ending in Hollywood earned her an Oscar too. However, "Those who are so-called reunion and pretentious people in the world should not be despised."

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