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I still remember that when I hadn’t entered the house, on a boring evening during the winter vacation, I was fortunate enough to appreciate the powerful face dressed as a bunny girl singing loudly into the microphone under the super slag picture quality of Tudou.com, and I saw the expressionless 囧Xu shouted loudly: "Actually, I have a cute ponytail." Then he gave the overwhelmed Haruhi a firm kiss, seeing the endless clarity in Nagato's eyes after he forgot to repair his eyes, and seeing Koizumi's kind face He said to Jonghyun: "I really envy you." This is also what I want to say to the SOS group, I really envy you.

When I first entered college, I thought that my life had entered a new trajectory, and I started doing what I wanted to do. Only some different things can live up to this unsustainable youth. Join the club and meet new friends. In the end, I find that the organization is full of meaningless conflict of interests, and I leave the organization under the pretense that I have a new plan. Only then did I find out that no one can dial the number stored in my mobile phone. I wanted to find a few music-loving friends in the dormitory to form a simple band to play, but everyone was tired of reality for a long time. This person has no money and can't afford a guitar. , This person has failed in mathematics and needs to make up the class. Until the senior year is about to graduate, enough money to buy a guitar, mathematics finally passed, the tide of job hunting has pushed us into the abyss of busyness and anxiety.

We always imagine over and over again, Then, little by little, we deny the assumptions we make, until when we no longer have the strength to imagine, all the hardest assumptions will eventually come to nothing. We will become people who complain all day but are still lazy and have no fun.

We My life is like an embarrassed person who has never met Haruhi Suzumiya. He has an indifferent attitude towards all strange phenomena that has nothing to do with me. I firmly believe in my belief that "peace is the highest". But there is no magic of the second dimension in reality, and without the aura of the protagonist, God will not throw a soft girl down. Some are just self-deprecating after being a magician for a long time.

The shadow in the mirror asked himself: "Hey. Myself, do you really think that all this mess of things that Haruhi is doing is not interesting? You really think that you are surrounded by superhuman beings that are impossible to appear. Beautiful girl alien, sweet future world ,Is it a big hassle with that unstoppable Haruhi Suzumiya? Do you really think an ordinary life is the best way for you?"

Jon Xu pressed the ENTER key to deny all this, the representative of ordinary people, he made his choice without hesitation, yes, I like all this. Make my life crazy again. Compared to the length of the universe , Life is short and not worth mentioning, happiness should be the meaning that needs to be found in life.

Most of the emotional descriptions in Japanese animations are simple and cute and have routines to follow. Male-oriented animations such as the key club trilogy are themselves The main reason for the male adaptation of galgame is that if you don't accept the harem, you will be sorry for the otaku in front of the TV. In the pure love series, a couple of protagonists occasionally jump out of a few harmless men, two women, and two to spoil the situation. I won't mention it here because I don't know much about it. Going back to Haruhi, some people will say, how can a person like A Xu, who has superhuman resources in addition to his ability to complain and play chess, be used by him? So many girls of different colors are looking at it. It's really hard to understand. In fact, this is still a conspiracy of Tanigawa-ryu. A Xu has the kindness and gentleness that most people have. Especially us sitting in front of the computer .Thinking about the specialty column of the blank resume, my specialty is harmless to humans and animals.

Children who are harmless to humans and animals enjoy the performance of the winner in life in the anime, sobbing with tears in their faces: "The level of a magician needs to be done again. When can I really find a girl to talk to." In fact, A Xu also taught you how to do it. Even if you complain, it will help Haruhi realize her wild ideas, and she will not be left out during group activities. Yuki, help 1096 to persuade Haruhi to stop the bad thoughts that are being practiced on her senior, although these often don't work. Axu has been using his own behavior and complaints to change everyone in this SOS group. These are not just harmless to humans and animals. What a single word can do.

Haruhi is undoubtedly fond of Axu's classmate. At the social office where Axu is not there, he tries to tie a ponytail and repeats the summer vacation more than 15,000 times just to go to Axu's house. A circle. Lying in the corner of Axu's hospital bed just to see his sobriety. In the rebuilt world, there is only Axu alone. It's just that the great leader may think it's too mundane to like this kind of thing I can't admit it. But everyone understands that, isn't Aojiao like this?

Yuxi designed the same bridge section as Haruhi's closed space in her one-man play, Axu, the original world you want is still the world where only I am. But for Yuxi, the feelings for Axu are not necessarily likes. He is a trustworthy person. Axu saves Haruhi from pessimism time and time again, and this is also the salvation of Yuxi's mission. We may consider the shy and smiling Yuxi classmate who disappears as the embodiment of Sanwu Yuxi's heart. Until the end of the film, when Yuxi, who was still expressionless, lowered her head and said softly, "Thank you", I believe the audience can already capture the fleeting warmth from it.

The grown-up version of 1096 leaned against Ah On Xu's shoulders, his lips moved a few times, and we have to think about the abominable supervision. It is "good き だ よ." Please believe that in the future, you will definitely recall your high school days, which is as incredible as a dream. "Damn, my youth that died early has not ended without a lot of simple ambiguousness?

3: The sea of
​​life is bound to be Ups and downs, but where the sails will deviate is a decision made by ourselves. While God gives us the right to choose, it will also inject the most primitive countercurrent power into our hearts.

"I'm sorry, I feel that the current The world is really too boring, there is no way to save it, it can be overturned and started again. "Isn't this kind of idea never once?

" These pedantic rules really constrain my creativity, smashing them and letting me It's easier to embrace happiness." Is this sentence always hidden in the heart?

Please express the picture in your mind. As long as there is enough time, I can make the effect I want to present to others. As long as If I keep drawing, the pictures in my mind will definitely be more perfect on the canvas.

Instead of following the crowd and not paying attention to other people's opinions, I want to do something for myself, something that I will remember for the rest of my life

. When you laugh at others, you don't feel cold in your heart.

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