The ending is interpreted in combination with the original work, and friends who need it can take a look.

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Many years ago, I watched the theatrical version of "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" by chance.

Since then, it has been out of control, completing the animation and the original novel.

It's a really amazing work. Whenever, wherever, just watch one episode or read two chapters of the original book, your mood will become beautiful.

This play uses a terrible number of frames and a terrible duration (a full 162 minutes) to tell the most magnificent confession in the history of film.

What kind of experience can make the alien carrier, Nagato Yuki, who has no characteristics, have a bug? Is it really a bug?

No, Nagato Yuki has been alone since his birth, living alone, thinking alone, and dealing with all kinds of difficult events alone.

Finally, after experiencing more than 15,000 reincarnations, she gave in to her heart, and she used everything she had to create a perfect world for him.

In this world, the head of the head is no longer a god, without all kinds of power beyond reality, and she herself has become an ordinary girl.

Everything has been reshaped, except that he kept the loan card for her, why? Because that was the only time she was helped.

She has been lonely for too long, hoping to live a normal high school life, and even more eager to be accompanied by Ah Xu.

Finally, she succeeded.

It's a pity that A Xu will be wrong. He tried hard to find the original world, and finally successfully found the clue "little note", which also allowed A Xu to regain hope and confidence.

After that, Haruhi Suzumiya finally appeared. As expected of the leader of the group, he called all the members of the SOS group in one fell swoop, triggering a hidden channel for Ah Xu to choose. Did he leave the life of an ordinary person? Or go back to that weird world?

Why give Axu the right to choose? It should be the love that Nagato Yuki understands!

But Nagato Yuki didn't know that there was no one in the world who would love so selflessly!

When Axu handed back the application form to Nagato Yuki, she must be desperate, right?

Finally, he returned to the untampered world three years ago, and got the help of Yuki Nagato in the past, ready to repair the world.

This section involves a lot of time travel and is rather complicated.

Roughly: the protagonist was stabbed by Ryoko Asakura on the eve of his return to the world being tampered with.

The team of future protagonists shows up after the protagonist is stabbed and repairs the world.

Afterwards, the protagonist woke up in the hospital with no stab wounds, and was told that he had been in a coma for three days. Three days ago, the protagonist was pushed down the stairs and fell into the hospital with serious injuries.

Many friends will be troubled by the memory of these three days, because the memory of the protagonist is different from that of other people.

According to the original work: After the protagonist experienced the disappearance event, at a certain point in the future, he traveled back to the eve of the world being tampered with, witnessed the protagonist being stabbed at that time, and repaired the world.

At the same time, with the help of Yuki Nagato in the future, the assassinated protagonist was frozen as a piece of data.

Then travel to the 18th where the incident occurred, push the protagonist down the stairs, make him hospitalized, and then input the frozen data to Ah Xu.

In other words, the protagonist Ah Xu was assassinated and became a piece of data, which was injected into the protagonist who was in a coma in the hospital.

Why make the protagonist comatose for these three days? Because the repair program cannot be repaired immediately, it will take until the 21st to take effect. (After World No. 21 was repaired, the protagonist had a different memory than others because of the data injected.)

Several of the established events: the world on the 18th was changed, the two Axu crossed into the newly changed world, the disappearing Axu was assassinated and died after being saved as data, and in the future Axu injected a correction program into the changed Nagato Yuki , Ah Xu again traveled and pushed Ah Xu, who had changed the previous world, down the stairs and made him hospitalized. The No. 21 repair program took effect and the world changed again and Ah Xu, who was injected with memory, woke up.

In short, the world in "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" is a parallel world, a world that needs to be deleted. The world's Axu was created by Nagato Yuki and is redundant.

There must be an Axu to choose, and the Axu to choose can only be the Axu of this changed parallel world. This Axu was assassinated after the disappearance event and saved as data, otherwise the world cannot be repaired.

This is also the reason why he didn't take action before Yuki Nagato changed the world, and the reason for saying: "I'm sorry, I'm also in pain, but I had to do it."

------------------Dividing line------------------

After so many years, there is still no animation that surpasses the leader of the group.

I still remember the feeling of wanting to become the second leader of the group in those years.

Years have passed, and gradually discovered the shackles of reality, and gradually lived a life that I hated.

However, it would have been worse without this work, thanks again to KyoAni and Tanigawa Ryu.

Finally, the production level of this work is also top-notch at the moment, and friends who are worried about being outdated can watch it with confidence.

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Extended Reading

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya quotes

  • Kyon: That's the way it is. I prefer the original world after all. This one just doesn't suit me. I'm sorry, Nagato. I prefer the Nagato I've known up till now over you. Also, you look better without glasses.

    Yuki Nagato: What are you talking about?

    Kyon: Nagato. Return it to normal. Return yourself to normal. If you ask, I'll help you. You don't have to use that power to forcefully change things. It was fine the way it was.

    Mikuru Asahina: Kyon-kun... It's pointless. This Nagato-san is completely powerless. She's just... a normal girl.

    Kyon: [takes out a gun and points it at Nagato] ... Sorry.

    Mikuru Asahina: Watch out, Kyon-kun!

    Ryoko Asakura: [stabs Kyon in the back with a knife] ... I can't allow you to hurt Nagato-san.

    Kyon: [thinks] What on earth... What on earth is this...

    Ryoko Asakura: [giggles and then pulls out the knife and blood splatters everywhere] ...

    Kyon: [falls down on the ground yells]


    Kyon: It hurts... it hurts!

    [looks on his hand which is covered in blood]

    Kyon: [thinks] It hurts! It hurts!

    Yuki Nagato: [falls down to her knees in shock] ...

    Kyon: [thinks] It hurts! It hurts!

    Yuki Nagato: [looks at Asakura] Asakura-san...

    Ryoko Asakura: [giggles and then walks up to Nagato] That's right, Nagato-san. I'm here for you.

    [looks at her]

    Ryoko Asakura: I'll eliminate anything that threatens you.

    [gets close to her and touches her chin]

    Ryoko Asakura: That's the reason I was created.

    Yuki Nagato: [goes back a bit and yells] ...

    Ryoko Asakura: [stands up] After all...

    Yuki Nagato: [looks at her] ...

    Ryoko Asakura: [swings the knife so blood splatters on Nagato's face] That's what you wished for... right?

    Kyon: [thinks] No way. There's no way she would wish for that... Nagato's anomalous behavior...

    Ryoko Asakura: [looks at Kyon and walks next him] ...

    Kyon: [thinks] She must have created an aberrant Asakura too. That's all. She must be Nagato's shadow...

    Ryoko Asakura: [gets down to her knees] Let me send you off. You just need to die. You're causing distress to Nagato-san.

    [hits Kyon on his wound]

    Kyon: [yells] ...

    Ryoko Asakura: Does it hurt? Relish the taste, because it's going to be the last sensation you feel in this life.

    [takes the knife and gets ready to stab in slow-motion]

    Yuki Nagato: [grabs the knife before it hits Kyon] ...

  • Ryoko Asakura: Why are you... How...

    [falls over]

    Kyon: [thinks] It feels like I've seen this scene before... Crap... I'm getting sleepy...

    Mikuru Asahina: [both versions of Mikuru runs over to Kyon] No, Kyon-kun! Stay with us! I'm sorry, Kyon-kun! Please stay with us! I should have known...

    Kyon: [thinks] That hurts, both you Asahina-sans... Both? Oh, I see... This is a flashback. It's cold. My blood won't stop... Crap. I'm going to die.

    Kyon: [alternate version of Kyon takes the gun and points it at the original Kyon] Sorry, I could have helped out but I held back. Don't worry though, it hurt for me, too.

    Kyon: [original Kyon thinks] Who is that? I don't understand...

    Kyon: [alternate Kyon] We'll deal with it from here. You just sleep.

    Kyon: [original Kyon closes eyes and thinks] Ah... damn... Nagato.