No matter what form life takes, we must cherish it!

Roselyn 2022-09-16 18:39:01

Of course I had to leave
I love them too much to
ruin their happiness

I didn't know how to be a man in my previous
life and I don't know how to be a dog in this life
but now I understand that

no matter what form life takes,
we all have to cherish

it This is my story

Maybe I It is destined to
remember the previous life to share with you.

Maybe there are many people like me who
live in the body of pure animals.
Maybe they are by your side

- "The World of Humans and Dogs"

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  • Thomas P. Johnson: [about his wife and son] I loved them too much to get in the way of their happiness...

  • Rumbo: Hey. Hey! What's going on?

    Young Fluke: I guess I was dreaming.

    Rumbo: You were what?

    Young Fluke: Uh, dreaming. I was seeing pictures inside my head.

    Rumbo: Pictures ain't got no business being inside your head. Next time you just growl and chase 'em away.

    Young Fluke: Rumbo, have you always been a dog?

    Rumbo: What you talkin' about? What else could I have been?

    Young Fluke: I don't know. A human.

    Rumbo: A two-legger? Me?