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After watching a movie that can't be calm for a long time in the inner world, I can recommend it to you

Aligarh is a city in North India

The film tells the story of a 64-year-old professor, Silas, who was discovered by a reporter who suddenly broke into his house and four colleagues from Aligarh University because he had had a relationship with a lover. The suspension has drawn the attention of the Indian society. Homophobes are suppressing Silas, and Indian gay rights activists have jointly helped Silas fight against the school's practices.

At the same time, with the help of the Indian Post reporter Dib, the two sides finally won the court hearing for several months, but the day before the verdict arrived at the school, the professor was found dead at home with traces of toxins in his blood, but the police ruled it out. The possibility of homicide came to an abrupt end, leaving more helplessness and thinking

The film is based on real events and is very shocking

India is a mysterious and highly religious country, whether it is the caste system, the Hindu Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, or even the remaining 200 million Muslims, all of them greatly deny the prominence of dissidents in such Homosexuality is a taboo topic in the atmosphere, and it is even included in the constitution. To find a breakthrough in it and find dignity is almost a difficult thing in India. It seems that a link in the chain of contempt is spurned by the world.

The country that covers up the truth is not a good country, so there are always some aggrieved people who stand up. It is not just the reporter and the honorable director who has made a real story. It is not too much description or too much. Deliberately uglifying what is there, there is only a shock and a lingering melancholy face

The casting of the actors is also very good. The hero portrays an old man's listless and battered state vividly and vividly. The state of survival in the cracks is very good.

A rare Indian gay film, especially in this very religious land

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