Think of "Phantom Love", no comparison, no harm

Eli 2022-09-19 09:43:26

Coincidentally, I read two works about Schizophrenia in a row, the other is Hong Kong's "Fantasy Love", that one is about love fantasy, it should be a branch of schizophrenia, but sorry I feel only A hypocritical humanistic care commercial film with a love shell. This film uses a relaxed expression that looks like a youth campus film, but repeatedly and profoundly expounds the power of love (We are on the same team.), the correct understanding and treatment of this disease (I have an illness; I 'm not the illness itself.) At the same time, the special effects in the film are very extra points. Seeing the second half of the process really makes people feel crazy and collapsed. It should be the highest level of special effects to make the audience feel the same. In the end, father Paul had a small reversal. Many of the previous details were explained and sublimated, but I always felt that it would be more suitable if the little girl's love directly hit Adam's heart, anyway, after all, this film is not about love under the guise of illness Yes, absolutely educational and socially responsible good work. The male lead is online and is worth recommending.

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Words on Bathroom Walls quotes

  • Father Patrick: The only agenda I serve is God's.

    Adam: Could you tell him to maybe reconsider his agenda, 'coz it feels like I'm getting the short end of the stick.

    Father Patrick: I'll put in a call.

  • Joaquin: Hey, there's never been a more explicit cue to kiss the girl.

    [Adam kisses Maya]