The old cow in the American drama eats old cabbage

Eli 2022-07-14 13:01:46

When I was watching a comedy series, I took a look at this comedy by the way. I expected it to be a spoof comedy, but I didn't expect it to be a warm romantic comedy. American beliefs are very strange, they actually believe that God is the agent of the human world. I have watched many American TV shows, and psychics can see dead souls (the ghosts of people are still alive), I think this may come from the biblical story, people believe in Jesus It is God's agent in the world, so after Jesus died, there are still similar stories happening in the world.

Later, I looked through the book and found that in the Holy Father, Son, Holy Spirit Trinity, this is the truth: the Holy Spirit is the church, and the church, as God’s agent in the world, is the link between believers and God. Later, the religious reformation may have developed to what it is now.

I can understand that Lao Niu likes old women. The heroine is very charming, and I will also be attracted to it. That woman's child is a silly little boy, I think Lao Niu and him are quite father-son. In the end, there are lovers who get married, which can be regarded as a cliché and warm ending.

I personally feel that the main line of the story is a process in which Lao Niu became a half-human half-god and finally degenerated into a human being. In the beginning, I lived alone and did not accept the influence of the outside world. I read and wrote, but when I met a beautiful doctor, I started the journey of joining the WTO. In the end, I admitted to everyone that I was not a god, took off the halo, and lived a happy life.

I think it may be a matter of angle. How should a wise man (old cow) choose when faced with temptation (beauty and family)?

The answer for modern people is to accept the temptation and live a normal life; because everyone feels this is normal. But I am reminded of Socrates' story "Hercules at the Crossroads", "You must live with Arete". This is an ethical question: the happiness of one's accidental life, and how to achieve it, involves what to do with one's body.

The old cow's disposal method is to choose Kajiya, and I also choose Kajiya!

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