Chicken ribs! (film review, Cien años de perdón)

Rubye 2022-07-19 20:33:32

Every year, a large number of "criminal themed" film and television works emerge on the big screen, with mixed reputations. Some are well-made and praiseworthy; some are poorly-made and condemned by people; and some are mediocre and have been ignored. The one I’m introducing today belongs to the last category, ordinary, seldom heard, and little known.

Spanish film Cien años de perdón (One Hundred Years of Forgiveness)

Type of work: crime

Main cast: Luis Tosar (as Gallego), Rodrigo De la Serna (as Uruguayo)…

Story overview: A government scandal involving a bank robbery

Release Date: March 3, 2016 in Argentina

This is a "anticlimactic" movie! The brilliance of the plot becomes more and more impoverished and weak as the story unfolds.

Next, the author combines the plot of the story and briefly analyzes it.

Let's talk about the "three major points" in the work first.

I. The rhythm of the plot

Tension and excitement! The beginning of the film is set at the "robbery scene", with masked gangsters, hostages taken, police on standby, negotiations going on... The atmosphere of a crime film suddenly rises. This sense of rhythm, the speed and timing of getting to the point, deserve praise.

II. Clarity of the plot

First of all, the Quartet characters are clear.

Robbers, Hostages, Police, Government Secret Service

Second, the content of the story is clear.

The main purpose of the robbers - the top secret document of the politician Soriano

The Robber's Secondary Purpose - Money

In the end, the story line is clear.

Mainline, the government secret service tried to recover the "scandal" files stored in the bank safe by making this robbery

On the branch line, the robbers saw through the tricks of the politicians and began to plot an escape plan

III. The connotation of the plot

Directly attack the ugly behaviors between politicians, such as "insider trading", "black gold scandal", "collaboration between officials and businessmen", all of which are exposed to the sun and have nowhere to escape.

Alluding to the looming crisis in Europe, the loss of democracy, the resentment of people, and the turmoil in the political arena, the "wake-up time" has come.

In addition to the highlights, this work also has many "conventional" points.

I. Plot routines

Bank robbery, internal battles, hostage suggestions, hidden secrets of the crime, blocked escape, event fermentation, internal and external collusion, treachery, truth revealed, scandals announced, victory escape... The director is very interesting. The focus of the work is not worth the loss.

II. Character Facialization

Innocent hostages, good robbers, upright cops, sinister politicians.

It seems that the performance of people with different personalities in the film is very embarrassing, and the atmosphere of masking is strong, especially the tit-for-tat between politicians is not explicit enough.

III. Ending resemblance

Politician scandals are made public, righteous thieves and thieves abscond, and the police are toyed with applause. Although from the perspective of content and form, this ending can be called "unexpected and reasonable", but! Due to the high usage rate, it obviously makes people feel "old-fashioned" and "insufficient".

"A Hundred Years of Forgiveness" is a work with compact rhythm, bland content and simple meaning. Interested friends can take time to enjoy it.

Director ★★★☆☆ (overall control without fault)

Actor ★★★★☆ (The two male protagonists, "Uruguayan" and "Spanish" are fully engaged, and the opposite scenes are also good)

Plot ☆☆☆☆ (The overall design is relatively general, not enough to watch)

Visual effects ★★★☆☆ (too usual)

Sound ★☆☆☆☆ (invisible throughout)

Recommendation ★★★☆☆ (generally. If you have seen "Flypaper", you can skip this one)

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