Take life to the extreme, we're all lunatics

Lois 2022-07-16 16:32:17

Some people are crazy about 3C, they change their mobile phones one by one, work to the point of spitting blood, just because the three-inch thing in their hands is different, crazy~

Some people are crazy for training, after learning computer and learning Korean, after learning Korean, they rely on self-examination, The self-examination has not yet been certified, and there are more and more documents in hand, and the ability to master is getting richer and richer. Going to work is still one thing, "Hello, are you interested in our products?" Ah~

someone is crazy about love, nightclubs, ktv, parties, activities in the same city, coffee, escorts, wherever there is a love seedling, there is him, chase one, go up, go up, put one, in the end, people will get old and their strength will also decline. The opposite sex is no longer welcome, the loneliness is still, the daze is still, crazy~

Some people are crazy about antiques, after playing the war Han, playing the Ming and Qing Dynasties, playing the Tibetan tradition, playing the Dianbian, playing with the porcelain, playing with the utensils, playing with calligraphy and painting, playing with Gu Qian, are you done playing? At most, it is just rubbing the edges, spending all the savings, just looking for a glimpse of the leopard, thousands of dollars in the museum, how can you satisfy that possessiveness? Crazy~

Some people are exercising madly, chest pillows, abdominal washboards, and chickens are also exposed to blue veins. The exercise has changed from healthy to unhealthy, blood pressure is also high, limbs are unbalanced, and flexibility is reduced to the extreme. Ask him Why, he was obsessed with making women scream, but he practiced and practiced, picked up soap and burst into chrysanthemums, but didn't make women scream, his hemorrhoids were healed and broken, broken and good, crazy. Ah~

Some people are crazy about power, they will do anything to expand their contacts, they will try their best to climb up, they will climb to the top and start to dismantle their own bricks. Gold card, collect antique calligraphy and painting and Zhengge's equity, climb high, play fiercely, as long as he is not lucky and does not get cut by his bosses, he is still crazy, crazy, crazy~

Some people have crazy sex, they can also use shock eggs, shock The stick is also used, the cover is threaded and twisted, the vestibule is also drilled, and the back court is also drilled. The aphrodisiac medicine is suitable for the dose of elephants. At first, it stimulates and screams, and then becomes numb and fatigued, and then later, Everything that should be loosened is loosened, everything that should be aging is aging, and the small heart in the cavity has become hypertrophic and embolized, crazy~

Although I didn't understand this story of a crazy city, I also lived in a crazy city, so it was very nourishing and very interesting. In fact, most people are surrounded by lunatics, this is a crazy century, this is a crazy world, in the face of this world, I am stunned and dare not open my mouth, because if you are not careful, someone will want to put their tongue, nipple or dick into your mouth.

——Laughing mirror scribbles——

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