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is a touching film about the relationship between father and son. This emotion is not vulgar, and it also shows a certain wisdom and rationality. In Chinese values, no one can make such an interesting film. Only later did I know that the director was the one who made a good movie like "Nebraska", and his shot was really extraordinary. Most of the stories about father-son relationship, from the Chinese point of view, use emotional and emotional techniques to make contributions in exchange for the audience's tears, but this film is much more relaxed, not focusing on exaggeration, but understatement and describing the facts. , Wherever it goes, it stops, but it is as powerful as Tai Chi, and its affection is far-reaching. The story tells the story of a divorced couple whose mother has a new family and wants to travel with her current husband. The 10-year-old boy was not taken with him, but was given to his biological father for two days. The biological father met his son and just took a job, but the tools for work were stolen, so the father and son went on the road together to find the tools. The embarrassment and poverty of the father are clearly seen in the eyes of the son, but the son is sensible and smart. They help each other and build a beautiful emotion in the little things that have passed. It is not the contribution of one party, but from the perspective of the other party, doing something for the other party, out of kindness and wisdom, never talking about meaningless emotions, but real help. The father has a problem with alcoholism, but in order to see his son, he tries to stop drinking. The son can go to get the tools for his father, and then give his mother's money to his father, but he is honest and pays his father's car repair fee. All the difficulties and dilemmas have been resolved, and life has ushered in a new dawn in emotion. Hope is always on the way. As long as sincerity and faith, love and tolerance, everything will develop in a good direction.

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  • Walt: Was he a cop?

    Otto: No, a thief.

    Walt: But he's a good guy now?

    Otto: Better than most.

    Walt: Better than most thieves or better than most guys?

    Otto: Thieves. But he's a good guy now.

  • Walt: Well, if he found Jesus, maybe he can find my tools.