She's a really down-to-earth heroine.

Dante 2022-09-20 19:26:52

The one I love most is the hospital drama. The heroine looks like she is not worth her life. She was repaired by the attending doctor on the first day of doing anatomy, and her confession was rejected. The female medical staff has a leg (mess enough!). The key is that the heroine is not pretty enough. It's not as cute as grey, and it's not as strong as the heroine in hart of dixie. It is conceivable that there are so many handsome guys, so many beautiful women, iq and eq are extremely tall and incomparably high. However, according to the rule of thumb in American TV dramas, the ugly white rabbit will inevitably be seen by a big bad wolf in the medical world, and then be abused and loved in captivity, finally completing the adult fairy tale of the big bad wolf and the little white rabbit.
One of the highlights of this drama is that the heroine looks too down-to-earth, so everyone can focus on the plot and super-long medical vocabulary.

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