It's not wrong to cut off the unreliable medical relationship on both sides

Marian 2022-11-04 04:15:24

Because it's really boring, and there are resources on Youku, so let's watch it. I wanted to give up the drama after watching the first episode, but I was moved by the kind and gentle Micah after persevering. Who can't think of an ending? But you still want the actors to act, as if that would come true.

It's not wrong to have a medical relationship cut off. The script skills are poor, the main story line and the patient stories in each episode are weak, and the protagonist is not good-looking. Take the popular GA ratio:

- GA has a large number of interns and attending doctors, with different personalities and three-dimensional, everyone has a wonderful story. As for EO, ​​it is a youth campus romance drama wrapped in the shell of a medical drama. The characters are monotonous and masked, and everything serves Emily's crush and being crushed. It's childish and cliché

- the most popular love clues for girls, GA has a dark tide. Those who are appetizing, there are those who immediately confessed to the great harmony that they entered the lounge to gain life after meeting their eyes. And there are many characters, which provides a greater possibility for sleeping. As for EO, ​​it is a typical routine in teenager dramas. All love lines only revolve around the heroine (and it is extremely slow! Watching the tenth episode yesterday has already begun to enrich the female doctor's emotional life. Does it work? It's only three episodes. , it's better to give Emily+Micah+Will a thorough explanation! Why waste time to develop a clue that has no chance to be fully developed!)

- GA has shown more in medical treatment, the operation time is long and deep, and it's fun to watch . EO looks like a copycat version of GA. It is rare to have an operation without the excitement of

GA at all. GA's various small stories about doctor-patient relationship and patient family relationship are refurbished, and almost every episode can make people cry. EO is way too far. This is also one of the reasons why EO's script skills are too poor

- in fact, it doesn't matter that the script skills are poor, as long as there are good-looking teenager actors in teenage dramas with brains and blood, they can still have ratings. As for EO, ​​it’s useless for the actors to act sincere and delicate, and they don’t look good enough. This is a congenital defect

summary: the script is good and the actors are ugly. Vase, then the two sides really don't depend on it. The ratings have been hovering around 0.4.

Finally, the audience who praised the medical fate, we are all tolerant and easy-going people!

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