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The reason why "Children on the Hill" (2012) directed by French female director Ursula Meyer was hotly debated at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival and won the "Special Attention Award" may be the 12-year-old boy named Simon With her sister Louis, the wonderful transition to a mother-son relationship is both fun and heart-wrenching. Ding is Ding Mao is Mao, what is it, how can it change identities inexplicably. That's the mystery of the movie.

Simon and Louis depended on each other, and were usually called siblings. My sister is so arrogant about her work that she won't do any work for long. If she wants to leave, she will leave. Naturally, she can't make ends meet, so she has to live by hanging out with men. And little Simon propped up the whole house. Simon hoped that this sister would not be able to go up, so he found another way to go to the snow mountain to do some petty things, and to earn some living expenses by stealing the ski tools from tourists and reselling them. Sometimes he even gave his sister pocket money. Simon always told others that his parents had both passed away in a car accident.

One day, Simon met a kind woman who often came skiing with her children. Simon had a good impression of her and lied that his parents ran a big hotel and had no time to take care of him, so he ran out to play alone. Come out and mix, the debt will be repaid sooner or later. The so-called often walk by the river, how can you not wet your shoes. Just when he reached out his hand again, he was finally caught by the tourist and was beaten violently. Covered with injuries, sitting in the red "BMW" of his sister's temporary boyfriend, he burst out: "She is my mother, not my sister!" Naturally, both of them were kicked out of the car.

It turned out that Louis was an unmarried mother. The bitter fruit of his youth and ignorance gave birth to Simon. When Simon grew older and forced to survive, they were called "sister and brother". This scene is both hilarious and sympathetic. Finally, when Louis went to work at the landlady's house, Simon saw that it was the woman he met on the mountain, and the lie was exposed. To make matters worse, Simon still did not change his nature of stealing, and stole the landlady's expensive watch again, and both of them were expelled from the house.

His mother's job is gone, and he can't go back to the mountains to resume his old business. People know his bad deeds. In the end, his mother stroked his hair blankly, what to do in the future.

The tops of the Alps are covered with snow all year round, which has gradually melted over the years as the earth warms. When Simon grows up, and then goes to the place where he "worked", will he laugh or be ashamed. Maybe it doesn't matter. What is important is the way the film deals with the mother-son relationship, which is worth pondering.

Thinking about it will make you laugh, its delicateness is beyond words. When Simon revealed the truth about the "mother and son" that night, in order to ease his mother's pain, to please her, and to sleep with her, her mother refused, so he used money as a bait, and her mother agreed. He approached his mother and said, "I'll sleep here." So he slowly rested on his mother's round buttocks, feeling like he was back in the beginning of his life when he was licking the breast-feeding baby fat.

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