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Allison 2022-11-02 08:48:57

The first episode is very handsome, the

male protagonist is so handsome, this lack of emotion is just rational, calm, and high emotional intelligence. Hey! This kind of setting is very sexy than the alien vampire who can fly stealthily through time and space, and give me an operation too!

The second episode is even more divided.

A pair of male and female protagonists are both rational and introverted. The film is like the protagonist. It is very powerful to restrain his soul on the surface. Appropriate distancing. The protagonists' righteousness (tentatively scheduled) and the vice-minister's evil wrestle with their IQs rather than the usual bravery and sensationalism of such films.
In the progress of the story, you get to know the male protagonist in the mist. A series of neat behaviors make you and the female protagonist confirm from the cold and clean male protagonist that he should represent justice and let you rely on new life. However, what you and I confirmed at the beginning of the second episode was slapped in the face at the end of the second episode: the condition of the male protagonist agreeing to help the deputy chief to cover up the crime was to overweight to get the position of the second chief. At this time, the second chief and I were confused. , as if to see the fangs in the night. However, to sort out the previous situation, when the male protagonist was ridiculed by the bad police and slapped his hat, he was not refuting, not being surprised and rejecting, but he was a general army. The Lord shows a black background, but will another army spy on the trap? Or is it true that the male protagonist doesn't care about the truth, as the deputy chief said, and is just a careerist who takes the opportunity to climb up? Who is the male lead? Why make this move? what happened? Where is the main man going?
I really want to open the male protagonist's heart like opening a Russian nesting doll and see what's inside.

The closed small office in the fourth episode was soaked in the dim light of the afternoon, clearly filled with pink bubbles.
Some love is "Tonight's moon is so beautiful"
Some love is Kazuki's yellow handkerchief
Some love is not to wake her up

Speculation about the context of the accident (the following parts are not recommended to watch if you haven’t seen the fourth episode): The president is the big boss, and the father-in-law of the vice-minister lost 800 million gangs to the president and successfully entered the Blue House, thus obtaining today’s position. The superior had no choice but to become a pawn, and continued to climb up while cleaning up the mess left over. In fact, the real game in this fog is the father-in-law of the deputy chief and the father of the female prosecutor. The victim failed to go bankrupt and threatened, so he contacted the father-in-law of the female prosecutor who was rescued by the vice-law's father-in-law. Since then, the party has started to weave a net, but they have not reached an agreement. At this time, the male protagonist also appeared as a card for the victim, because Threats, the victim's death should be attributed to the deputy minister's design, but the death of the TV repairer who was accused of committing suicide should be attributed to the female prosecutor's father (if he died unjustly, all the evidence of the victim's bribery will also be included. Feng Chen, only if he commits suicide can the male protagonist and the public investigate the real culprit, find out the source and question the vice minister and his father-in-law), then it is very reasonable to suggest that the lawyer is another one placed in a key position by the female prosecutor's ex-boyfriend, the female prosecutor's father. As a chess piece, he directly induces the suicide of the unjust deceased. As for the prostitute incident, it's easy to understand. The male protagonist was overcast again. The mantis caught the cicada and the oriole was behind. The male protagonist thought he was a oriole. In fact, he was just a cicada, and the oriole was the deputy chief. The reason was very simple. do it. (pure guess, to be verified next week)

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