Bae Doona and Cao Seung You are not in love in the play

Louvenia 2022-10-09 09:05:14

It's the thing that pissed me off the most. How humble I was when I watched this drama, even when I saw Huang Jian was slightly different from Han Guard, I would feel so excited that I swallowed a giant candy and wanted to go downstairs and run in circles. In the tidbits, the interaction between Lao Pei and Lao Cao is extremely sweet. There is a scene where the two look at each other and they can't help laughing as long as they meet their eyes. Such two professional and interesting actors, the spark between them is even a single one. One hundred and sixty episodes are not enough. Probably only actors like Pei Douna and Cao Chengyou can do this kind of ease. The feeling from beginning to end is "relaxed", and there is no place for excessive force and rigidity. Cao Chengyou's facial paralysis acting skills seem to be calm and in reality, but Pei Doona is smart and capable but also flesh and blood. In the interview, Lao Pei said that when he was invited, he refused because he felt that he could not accurately grasp the role. Later, after repeated revisions and communication, he finally decided to act. To be honest, as the heroine, Lao Pei's role in the play is really very limited, especially she doesn't have the slightest focus on Han Ruzhen herself. As soon as she appeared, she was a criminal policeman, and she was a criminal policeman from the beginning to the end, as if she had no other role in her life. But Lao Pei himself said that it is impossible to describe Han Ruzhen's life within the existing weight frame, and it will only make the plot loose. Instead of being a one-top heroine, it is better to be a supporter of the plot. It is the self-cultivation of an actor. In the scene of Jiang Li fishing for a mobile phone, I thought my feet would be frozen and shattered. I chased after Jiang Zhen Xie until the toenails fell off and didn't shout, but let's say, what kind of pain is that? As an actor, it's a matter of course, since I decided to I signed the contract to star, and then I took responsibility for everything that would happen after that. The two people who worked together for the first time in their 20-year acting careers were unexpectedly very compatible, both on-screen and off-screen. I always thought they were very cold people, but I didn't expect them to be so cute in private that I would want to stomp just thinking about it. Even if the plot is still unsustainable, and the rhythm is sometimes fast and slow, the rhythm is uneven, but because of the excellent performances of the actors, "Secret Forest" has become a TV series of historical levels. Although I regret that Huang Shimu and Han Ruzhen did not fall in love, I am also glad that they did not fall into the stereotypes. Finally, I want to watch the shooting of one hundred episodes.

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