A messy long review, give me the best Korean drama of the year in my heart

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Come to Amway first.

This is a movie where the male protagonist is not as high as the male second, the male second is always dying, the female protagonist is super powerful, the female second desperately pushes the plot, no one wants to fall in love, the interaction between the male and female protagonists basically depends on the tidbits, and the candy is all old people In charge of the group, the audience cried and shouted "I beg you for some emotional drama", the villain was so handsome that he cried after being blackened, each character has flesh and blood, and the IQ is online from beginning to end. For the first 10 episodes, I felt that except for the male and female protagonists, all of them were not good people. Every episode was slapped in the face by the screenwriter. It tells the story of a straight man of steel and a soul painter working together to clear the dark fog in the political and economic circles, and unilaterally named it the most worth watching Korean drama in 2017, there is no one.

What follows is a less nutritious drama review, written by character, with no spoilers.

First, my favorite, Lao Li. After watching about 5 episodes, I relied on my non-existent intuition to assert that "I, Lao Li, must be a good person", and every week I would tell my friends who were following the drama together, "Love life, love Lao Li". Turn the situation around and tell the subtitles team that his real name is Lee Chang-joon not Lee Chang-joon. Although he is not a good person in the traditional sense, and justice did not choose him as a messenger, he must be the character who brings together the good, evil, beauty and ugliness of human nature in this drama, and once again proves how helpless "destiny tricks people" is.
The picture at the end of the lady reading the letter is really moving. In his years-long marriage and prosecutorial career, how much time has he been disappointed and angry with himself and society? Where did his battle begin? After the teacher was framed? After witnessing decades-long best friend and police chief play Miss? His revenge is a protest against the system, not a struggle against his own destiny. When he was young, Feng Hua Zhengmao pointed out Fang Qiuru, if he met a woman like Han Ruzhen, wouldn't he not go down this road? However, starting from meeting his future wife, Li Lianzai, fate left him to struggle between sin and conscience. Unlike his husband-in-law, he was born powerful and could not get used to trampling on life and the law. At his feet; but the temptation of fame and fortune and luck made him unable to refuse; what is more tragic is that his love for his wife is sincere. He ended up taking a dangerous road, hard to tell right from wrong, just for his own beliefs. Even his beliefs may have gone astray when he sacrificed the small to kill the ones he felt damned. Therefore, Huang Shimu said that he is a monster, but "justice is always the prosecutor's unrequited love". Li Changjun's unrequited love is too weak in the big environment, but it can emit bloody light, which is also worthy of admiration.

Li Changjun's actor Liu Zaiming, the more familiar image is the father of the salamander in 1988. After watching 13 episodes, I found out this fact and I burst into tears. The acting is good, but there is nothing to say. Director Qian turned out to be a person. Liu Zaiming's daily life seems to be similar to that of ins. He is an uncle next door who eats snacks and drinks barefoot at home. It is said that he will appear in a new drama written by the 1988 screenwriter. I am looking forward to it. Finally, we will re-emphasize our slogan, love life and love Lao Li.

Next, let’s talk about Madam. Although some people don’t like Madam’s appearance and voice, I still think it is quite suitable for this role. A shrewd and proud lady, there is disdain and jealousy of a woman who is suspected of being her husband’s little lover, and she also works hard to maintain the relationship between her husband and her father. Circling fingers softly. The crying scene in front of Lao Li's tomb was very emotional, but it did not prevent her from wearing delicate makeup and wearing a capable trousers. She was full of fighting spirit to take control of the family business and continued to follow her father's old path. She said that she wanted to make Huang Shimu regret it, and she felt it would be true. hands. If there is a second one, look forward to it. After all, she was the beautiful lotus that Li Changjun loved without knowing it. In the past, she was the daughter of the Li family first.

Then follow the other characters who are related to Lao Li, Section Chief Yin. Since the establishment of the special search class, the ascetic temperament of Section Chief Yin who lost his son, took off his glasses, took off his glasses, smiled innocently and apologetically attracted me, and I found out that he graduated from the school I am currently exchanging. , I feel more motivated in class (wrong), so shamelessly call him a senior. I still guessed early on with my non-existent intuition that the death of the senior was related to the bus incident and Park's death. But when the senior took off his suit and put on a very MUJI home shirt and ran to the airport to completely expose his identity, his true image and story gradually surfaced, and this image became more three-dimensional. The tears of the senior when he was arraigned by Huang Jie for the first time, and Lao Li's memory of standing outside the Pu's house holding a knife and shivering. The punch that didn't land was really heartbreaking. I can't comment too much on the behavior of the senior. The screenwriter's handling of the reactions of other characters in the special class to the behavior of the senior can still see the point of view of "you can't kill no matter what, you can't feel that you have the right to judge your life". , but it's hard to say what other people would do if they found out that it was impossible to resort to the law after going through the same thing as the senior. Especially since the senior himself is a judicial officer, there is no way he can make up for his disappointment with this system and the status quo. He should apologize to Park's son, but Park Qingwan should also apologize to him. Qingwan's final reaction made me feel that "he is really just a child".

Then a few supporting actors. Minister Jiang, one of my favorite supporting characters, who looks like a standard Korean uncle, will say something like "Bastard, be nice to me" to Huang Jian. Although in the first few episodes, he didn't feel anything about him because of his face blindness. The help I have given to Huang Jian is still very warm. Although I always say that I want to keep my position, but every time I help Huang Jian 2333 honestly, it is probably because of love.

Xu Dongzai, in fact, I don't really like this character very much, but it is undoubtedly the most inspirational character in the whole play, an example of not giving up and not giving up, having crossed countless hills, made countless deaths, and returning is still a typical example of unchanged urine 23333 Some people speculate about him I want to follow in the footsteps of Lao Li and become a double agent, but I don't feel like it. It's a pity that Lao Li's last words before his death were still trying to persuade him to turn back. Many people complain about the actors' acting skills, saying that they are too exaggerated. I think maybe this role needs this kind of drama queen feeling, and he shows real feelings to Rong Jian and Lao Li in several places. It is very moving. He's still handsome, and every time he sees the height comparison between him and Huang Jian, I want to laugh... Huang Jian, Xu Dengzhang, and Minister Jiang play reasoning together in the office. I like it very much.

Kim Jung-ben is probably the character who can't speak the least except for Huang Jian (?) in the whole drama. He is the only character I made a mistake. I have been expecting him to make big news in the last episode. I didn't expect him to come to Armani. The advertiser (Tan Shou)

finally talked about the male and female protagonists, and I wanted to talk with the second female, because I don't think I can describe Huang Jian's personal charm, so I can only barely talk about the feelings that can be called emotional lines. The line is... First of all, although I think it is undoubtedly that Huang Mumu has no love for Rong Jian, and Rong Jian himself does not want to be able to clearly distinguish her feelings for Huang Mumu, but I actually like them both (Pei Pei is me. You do

n’t think that Huang Mumu, who has a faceless IQ and always doesn’t hide his disgust for Rong Jian, is dedicated to avenging his father. Even if my IQ is not enough, I have to think hard. Even though Huang Jian dislikes me, I still admire him very much. Rong Xiaoxiu, super! pole! Moe! !

Every time I watch Huang Mumu's enchanting show, I feel so refreshed... There is also a hint of yy pleasure in the coolness, hey, maybe because OST is too cruel, I always make up my mind, and it is compared with Huang Jian Ruzhen's strong one, Eun Soo is really heartbreaking. But as far as the plot is concerned, I think it's an exaggeration to say that Eunxiu is Huang Mumu's cinnabar mole. If the person who worked with him died, he was still the person he suspected. Even if he was Huang Shimu who didn't show his feelings, he would still be sad. , It is undeniable that Rong Jian's death has greatly touched and changed him (in the end he chose to believe in Xu staring), but my dear, that is not love!

Even though I firmly stand by Huang Jian and Han Ruzhen, this is far from love. But I think it is this kind of friendship that makes this drama jump out of the routine of ordinary Korean dramas and become good. Huang Shimu and Han Ruzhen are both special to each other. She is one of the few people who has seen him smile and who can directly tell him that you need to learn to smile more; Investigate you" commitment, always tell her to do it as soon as a new situation arises. In the final analysis, this mutual trust and the feeling behind you are more precious than the love, plus some small details such as talking on the phone, asking about a disease, what's wrong with your mouth, and high fives. Even more lovely, Huang Shimu and Han Ruzhen are two interesting individuals. Even if they are seen separately, they are both strong alone, and the light emitted by the two powerful people together is even more dazzling. So even if they still use honorifics at the end, I think this is a very, very different pair of CPs. Even if there is a so-called second part, and whether there is any new development between these two characters, I also think that in this state They are already fine. Of course, I especially hope that the two actors will have a new cooperation w

Speaking of which, my impression of Cao Chengyou is still the short-lived white ass of the old thousand miles (I am guilty), but the secret forest completely convinced me, and Huang Jian died in the play with a slight touch Laughing, and the drama, Uncle Cao took off his shoes and adjusted his socks in public at the press conference. 233333 This is the real smile. It is very charming! Speaking of the bloggers of Ha Zhengyu fans that I follow, although they are not official microblogs, they are quite recognized by domestic fans. As a result, last time I said that they were watching Secret Forest recently, and a group of Ha Zhengyu fans replied that I am too. ...In the days without Uncle He, everyone was climbing the wall. If Uncle He and Uncle Cao worked together on a film like 666, there would be no rivalry between the two in the assassination. I plan to brush "Assassination" again for Uncle Cao. Pei Douna is also a typical example of "you will be a girl when you grow old". Her girlishness is really not based on her looks, but the calmness and atmosphere of her gestures. Compared with Douna, the others are simply vulgar fans!

Finally, as a CP dog, I will take stock of those CPs I love! The male and female protagonists, the male protagonist and the female second, I will not talk about Lao Li and his wife (it is all up to Lao Li and his wife to make sugar). First of all, hold high the banner of Huang Li and do not waver! I had to take care of my tie and so on, and I saw my old aunt smile all over my face, as well as the last sentence "Senior", and the first meeting in my memory. I think Huang Mumu didn't say it, but the fact that the senior he used as a role model still came back in the end, still hit his heart (even if he was mixed and couldn't understand Lao Li) in the

play, they and In reality they...

Then the teacher-student relationship between Old Li and Chief Rong was also very touching. Chief Rong kept calling him "Chang Jun" and "Chang Jun", because it was painful for his son. After knowing the truth, Chief Rong should be somewhat comforted. His proud disciples stuck to their beliefs in their own way.

Huang Mumu and Xu Zhezhai are also fascinated (perhaps because of the height difference), Xu Zhezhai moves his hands and feet when he can't move, and even if he is crushed in business, he always feels good about himself and shows off in front of Huang Mumu, which is stupid. It's funny, and it's cute to skip the plot.

Xu Zhezhang and Lao Li felt that Xu Zhezhang really loved, feared and hated Lao Li, wanted to do something, and resented his abandonment. The last words gave birth to a little warmth. Xu Zangzhang blocked the stick for Old Li and went back to the car. Old Li called him "Dongzai" after a long absence. Xu Zangzhang's reaction at that time was really a little confused.

Old Li and seniors, when Lao Li found a senior like a lost puppy, my God, I felt my CP soul was burning... Although they had very few direct rivalry scenes, Guang Lao Li instructed seniors to take revenge and seniors. Following Lao Li with all his heart is enough to make people think.
Lao Li and his father-in-law felt that his father-in-law didn't dare to detail that he was put together by this kid in the end. Even if he had all kinds of hatred, Lao Li was dead, and his father-in-law could only hate it in his stomach.

Senior and Ru Zhen were both caused by the punch at the airport. I felt that the glance at each other was enough to make up a new story. 2333 After
seeing this, I was sure that Lao Li was the general striker.

In short, it will be a period of time without dramas to follow... Although chasing "Secret Forest" is very tiring, I am very happy, and I have booked my favorite TV series this year in advance.

End with a smile of Lao Cao Qingcheng~

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