Need muscles, but also emotions

Ebba 2022-03-19 09:01:02

There is no doubt that I have always liked this new 007, he has very strong but not exaggerated muscles, but also has real emotions for the dead woman. While continuing the very elegant gentleman of 007, he made no secret of his reckless murderousness and recklessness.

Well, this is the new era 007 that conforms to the 21st century trend. Although his anti-fighting ability seemed a bit too strong-apart from that, he was a young iron man who was flesh and blood, wounded, and shed tears.

Ever since I had DVDs, and downloading software such as BT and eMule that made people feel uncomfortable with the thunder, I never looked forward to seeing what a wonderful movie in the cinema. Whether it’s made in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Europe and America, whether it’s literary or action or animation, in short, most of the long-awaited and very good-looking movies I would prefer to download them silently or buy them for 4 yuan. I watch the DVD by myself at home, because I can’t help but feel madly in tears, and I don’t want to be seen by the face after crying. So, as soon as I enter the cinema, I hypnotize myself into a certain state and tell myself that I am watching special effects, I am watching a big production, I am watching a handsome guy, I am not watching a movie... Of course, sometimes the hypnotic effect is too strong, and I just fall asleep. For example, the time I watched "Red Cliff".

As in the previous movie, I misidentified the Bond girl again, and the girl who was not a Bond girl died innocently in front of Bond again.
This mediocre righteous girl can only be regarded as a shame—compared to the last one who died. On this point, I think James Bond will have the same reservations as I do.

The movie is still very exciting, if you don't entangle all the details. To be honest, I have forgotten about 80% of the plot of the upper part of the film, so I can’t catch it this time, but it still doesn’t affect my drooling and drinking coffee while watching the new Bond faintly emerge from my shirt. Muscles, windy walking with him, and of course, his little humor-the kind of sentence that he doesn't laugh but you can laugh.

The ending is a bit harmonious, I don't know if it was caused by the scissors.
I don’t look forward to the next one, but I have 80 points for this one.

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