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Dedric 2022-03-21 09:01:12

Pure relief, no further discussion, haha, the

new version of 007 enters the local crime + fighting and vengeance of splitting the muscles and bones and uncovering the tiles (not the flying spy spy war movie), there is no small alley, and there is no global vision. The anti-terrorism trend also lacks the same line of high-tech and sex scenes that can be called a century-old tradition; a level 00 intelligence agent with a bloody face and no British gentleman is like a street thug. The wife who died an ons went to the house. I am desperate and desperate to fight for my life, bloody and cruel, and endlessly cruel. As an uncle, I feel that it is not suitable for children and I have to cover my eyes for the loli~

Zhong You: Yilai

007 is not a drama, who remembers that he took office as a friend two years ago The woman who slept with Bond did not have a fuel-efficient lamp. Most of her deaths were sacrificed for the party and the country. The big brother from the backstage came out to collect the corpse and ask, what happened to you, a man of deprived marriage, Tai Tai suddenly. Feeling deep and raining, and lacking a big picture of the big picture, stunned to take revenge? Is it easy for the country to train a foreign investigator? There are funds at public expense because of who you become revenge Ah misappropriated funds not say, but also to learn the 1980s Hong Kong films in the police fervent urge to flee their arms continued investigation, cut

two to run out of steam, at the beginning of the attack on M aunt discovered internal organization The twenty-five guys, you also boast that you have never heard of our gangs. You thought it was a big onion. When nnd arrived, it was a multinational consortium. The crime was just to hide some mineral water and want to sell it at a high price. A small African government, sigh, look at the jb classmate of the former action captain of the human ctu. This winter, he is also traveling in Africa. In order to save a group of black brothers, he resolutely raised his eyebrows (of course, he is still used to killing people. , Be beaten, turn head, gasp), willing to be taken back to usa to accept the old trial and new mission.

Bangbang, Bangbang, Bangbang, if things go on like this, Bangbang will not be a good state; next time it is sent to Mars or underground to perform missions, maybe it will be able to restore some reputation. . . .

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  • Hailey 2022-03-23 09:01:13

    I don't know what I'm doing...

  • Reyes 2022-04-24 07:01:02

    As a friend said, Craig's version of 007 is "ice cool coller king", which is much better than the playboy of Blue Shit.

Quantum of Solace quotes

  • M: Restrict Bond's movement. Cancel his cards. Put an alert on his passports. All of them.

  • Mathis: This man had me imprisoned and tortured and you want to serve him fine wine?

    Gemma: You only buy cheap wine. And since you were innocent, they bought you this villa. So really, you owe him, don't you?

    Mathis: Gemma, go work on your tan.