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Cathryn 2022-04-09 09:01:09

In the process of watching the movie, I felt extremely real pain, as if this story could happen to me at any time.

In the process of watching, I have been worried that the heroine's body will be destructively damaged by drugs or surgery, such as when she was taking medicine, when she was beating her stomach violently, when she just arrived in New York and found out that she had miscalculated her pregnancy period. When she might not be able to operate, when she had unbearable abdominal pain on the night of the first stage of the operation, I was thinking, it's over, she will have an accident in the next second. However, it was not until her surgery was successfully completed that I was relieved that her health and life were not ruined by it.

There is no dramatic plot, no intense conflict, so it seems more real.

Like the tone of the whole movie, it's a little depressing, but it doesn't render the overwhelming pain: no matter what goes wrong, life has to go on.

The heroine's relationship with others, especially her relatives, is worth thinking about. The heroine's performance at school was not satisfactory. After the end, the mother tried to comfort her and asked the father to speak to her daughter, but the father said to his daughter in a reluctant and somewhat sarcastic tone: Your mother asked me to say that you are great. And the only one who really comforted her from the bottom of her heart was her cousin. In the family scenes that followed, the father's indifference to his daughter was also shown several times, and even the yin and yang satire. This may be an important reason why "seeking help from parents" was not considered an option at all after finding out that she was pregnant, and even she gave up using insurance during the operation because she did not want her parents to be billed. She left New York and had not been contacted by her family for several days. When she was in unbearable pain, she called her mother, but hung up without speaking. Longing for the love of a mother.

The only person who really supports her from beginning to end is her cousin. From the moment she found out she was pregnant, she was like a warrior. For her sake (of course it was illegal), she immediately prepared to buy a ticket and took the heroine to New York for an operation. She was extremely motivated. Along the way, the cousin has always been pulling the bulky suitcase, and even after the heroine said the hurtful "go away" to her in a low mood, she chose to tolerate her and never gave up on her. In the end, after the two had spent all their money, she was the one who asked to borrow money from the stranger who approached her, at the cost of a reluctant kiss. It can be said that she has paid a lot for the heroine. Without her, the heroine would not be able to solve the problem and tide over the difficulties by herself.

In addition to the cousin, the staff of the medical institution is also a heartwarming image in the film. The heroine is a preoccupied adolescent girl. She has been hiding her emotions with an indifferent appearance, whether it is her family or outsiders. However, before the operation, the counselor of the medical institution asked her some routine questions in a gentle voice in order to confirm her personal safety. Whether there was an experience of being forced to have a relationship, her indifferent appearance finally couldn't be maintained, and the tears represented her sadness and fear. This may be the answer to another mystery, namely why she didn't go to the child's father to discuss it after she found out she was pregnant. I even wondered if the boy at the beginning of the film who cooed when she was performing, provokes her when she was eating with her family, and was splashed with water by her afterwards was the father of the child. The indifference of her parents pushed her to the "boyfriend" who abused and violated her, and the final result became a burden for her alone.

Fortunately, she has a cousin who gives her emotional support.

Fortunately, she also has the female staff in the medical facility who supported her in a professional and friendly manner.

Fortunately, there is such a formal medical institution that can legally have an abortion, so that she does not have to go to a black clinic to pay for her health.

In the face of such a dilemma, emotions and institutions are indispensable.

In the last scene of the film, she is sitting on the bus returning home, leaning her head against the window, and slowly lowered her eyes. On the way here, my cousin fell asleep on the chair next to her, but she kept awake. And now, she can finally put down the stone in her heart and fall asleep.

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  • Everett 2022-04-07 09:01:07

    When Skylar had to sacrifice his color to exchange for the return ticket, the two girls hooked their fingers gently, probably the most heart-piercing scene in the whole film. Although the ubiquitous but cold "help" makes people feel that there is no genuine care for the "fallen girls" in this society, it seems to be a complex emotion that is deeply rooted in people's hearts to sympathize with but contempt for this group. After all, a person who has received a higher education can become a heathcare professional, how can he really understand the heart of a girl who is about to have an abortion before graduating from high school? In the end, they are the only ones who can help them.

  • Lesley 2022-04-07 09:01:07

    This painless but uncomfortable feeling is communicated well.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always quotes

  • Skylar: Don't you ever just wish you were a dude?

    Autumn: All the time.

  • Social Worker #2: Whatever your decision is is totally fine, as long as it's yours.