"Six Shot Pistol" A Story About "Story"

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six-shot pistol

Answer the following questions from fans

1 Why is this film called a pistol with six bullets, which six rounds are, and how many people died in total?

2 What is the story of the film?

3 Explanation of a large number of plots, as well as the role of related props, orangutans, rabbits, cows... in this film.

4 The role of the conductor in this film, how to interpret this character?

Academy Awards ( 2006; 78th ) Awards: 1

Winning Oscar Award - Best Live Action Short Film

[Oscar-winning short film] Six-shot pistol (2004 )

Female: This movie is amazing, the story is still wonderful, but people can't tell , what the heck is going on? Oscar is getting more and more slanted , always shooting some confusing stuff!

Still that sentence, no one really understands it and can't win an award ! Can you understand "Three Billboards"? The judges are all like mirrors in their hearts, good is good, art is art! I feel dizzy after watching it, and I am sure that it can only be the audience!

Woman: So this film is similar to " Three Billboards "? Is it about "emotions"?

This film is not about emotions, but the way it is really a bit similar. The theme ideas need to be dig deep, and only when you dig it out can you feel that this movie has a high degree of wisdom !

Woman: Then I need to ask a few questions. Let's calculate, how many people were killed by these six bullets ? You see, in the hospital, the doctor said that two babies died last night, and a woman was beaten to death by her son... If the poisonous tongue boy in the car beat his mother to death, and the couple's son died in the car, then ask the other one Whose is the dead baby... it doesn't count? ...

Hehe, I said that you don't know how to watch movies. You were also struggling with these issues in "Three Billboards", who was the murderer, and who set the fire...? Why don't you delve into what the director of this film wants to express? Can you discover the connection between the plot and the characters?

Female: I'm just looking for contact, how many people died and who was killed by whom...

What is the basis for your analysis? There are so many people who died in the hospital, how could they all gather on the train?

Woman: Indeed! So what do you think this movie is about?

story! The whole film revolves around two words, "story"!

In short, everything about the story , the storyteller, the person who listened to the story, and the various reactions of the listener to the story, believing it or not, and even suicide in despair...

Accidents caused by stories!

Woman: Ha, this interpretation is quite novel. Please give me an analysis as soon as possible.

Let's first talk about the "stinky boy" on the train, not only has a bad mouth, but also is cold-blooded. In the eyes of others, he is a typical cynical social scum.

Did you find that he has a lot of gossip about Hollywood stars , and also mentioned the scandal of the Oscar winner, including homosexuality and so on...

Woman: Exactly! Hollywood, Oscars, filmmakers… these are all places where stories are produced and made.

The subject of celebrity gossip is also a favorite topic of conversation, and people who listen to the story like these anecdotes and revelations. Therefore, in this film, we let this cold- blooded boy represent the film director , that is , the maker of the story.

We analyze his state to find out what the director wants to express and how the director explains the "story" . In addition, this guy also carries everything about the story of the film...

Woman: Oh, I see, so this stinky boy is quite representative!

Yes, the maker of the story has been found, so let's take a look at a few listeners on the train!

Let's say, people are all curious , you see, the male protagonist of this film, the title is in the hospital, even if his wife died, he did not forget to ask why the hospital was so busy, and heard that two babies and a mother were killed by their son. After killing, meditate silently, perhaps using this to comfort the depressed mood ...

Woman: Exactly!

It is emphasized here:

Curiosity is something that everyone has!

But on the train, the couple didn't like to hear the brat tell stories...

Woman: Of course, my child died, and I'm in a bad mood!

right! The choice of what kind of story is important, including the storyteller. Extremely sad people don't want to hear your gossip and comedy...

Woman: Ha, that makes sense! Indeed, these plots are revolving around the "story".

Then you say, why is this film called a six-shot pistol ? Obviously the plot and the title have nothing to do with it!

When the director named the film, he was conveying an idea, causing the audience to think, save others by himself , and after watching the film, wondering if he was the kind of person mentioned in the film.

Woman: How do you say that?

You see, people who listen to the story love to put together those materials that are impossible to beat , analyze it, and then declare to the world in a self-righteous manner, I have found out the truth, and it is definitely a big revelation...

Woman: Haha, that's me!

It's not just you, who and who knows in their hearts, there are actually many such people in the film critic circle!

Female: Haha, take a seat right, I remember the male protagonist in the title took a seat right as soon as he got in the car !

Indeed, these highlights are worth pondering, but only when the theme is accurately identified and the artistic level is explored, the film can be more enjoyable to watch!

It's really interesting, go on and on.

You should treat this train as a movie theater, that stinky boy is the director, and the rest are the audience, so there is a feeling...

Female: Well, sometimes I also think that many directors in the film and television industry are mostly cold-blooded and cynical, perhaps because they are numb to too many stories in life. They don't care if it's true or false, they only care about gimmicks. Bizarre and exaggerated, bloody and violent, true and false, say it from their mouths, let alone the audience, sometimes they don't even believe it! Ha ha. Moreover, only the director always cares about whether others are willing to listen to his storytelling. The state of the stinky boy really fits the story kings of the film and television industry .

Yes, what you just said is presented in the film, the director wants to increase the authenticity and sense of picture, that cow, remember? The os of the stinky boy was filmed, bloody violence...

Woman: Yes, also at the end of the film, the rabbit's head was knocked off...

Woman: It would be nice to tell the story of that cow! This film deliberately interprets this part to make it more exciting . No wonder that stinky boy must tell it and share it with the male protagonist. Haha, it's a really good story!

There are pictures, there are plots, and it is more real! Falsehoods and truths, true and false, and falsehoods are often those that are reasonable and fascinating jokes ... This is the charm of the story!

Especially those that spread fast, are the most exciting and interesting, we call them " good stories "!

Woman: Also, homosexuality is also a good material for making up stories!

In addition, too bizarre stories, many people do not believe, including those who do not want to believe, even if the story itself is true!

For example, the stinky boy said, your daughter-in-law jumped out of the car and hit her head on the window... Does his husband not believe it? !

Woman: That's for sure! Judging from the state of that kid, he seems to be farting all the time, let alone believe his words...

This is another angle of the analysis of this film, in what state and in what way should the storyteller win the trust of others!

Let's look at the woman in this film, the mother who lost her child. When she heard the brat's words, she had the idea of ​​committing suicide... jumping out of the car to commit suicide!

Female; because she can only be comforted at this time, and cannot accept any indifference and ridiculousness at all.

And at the end of the film, the male protagonist also shoots and chooses to commit suicide... It can be said that the story on the train has affected his view of the world, life and death...

Woman: So what do these plots mean?

It can be seen how lethal the "story" is!

Stories become accidents, accidents become stories...

Female: Oh, it turns out that the director wanted to express such a meaning, what a novel way of presenting it!

Do you remember this episode, when the husband told the male protagonist that the child in his family died, the wife immediately complained, you just tell someone...

Woman: That's right, that woman said something like this, what does it mean?

This has another purpose. In fact, this woman doesn't want to be the talk of others. When something like this happens at home, who wants to tell others and be talked about? So I can only cry silently...

Woman: Well, some stories are indeed private and not enough for outsiders! However, this woman committed suicide later, and her death was a bit bizarre. She must not have expected that she would become the protagonist of the next "story" ...

So true! This is typical of the story.

Any person or thing can become the protagonist of the story!

No matter, the cow, the rabbit, and the doll orangutan are actually the focus of the story, intentionally or not, and they are the most reminiscent and unforgettable!

Especially the bloody, bizarre, the most graphic, and the most sad and empathetic materials...

Female: By the way, I believe that the orangutan of the stinky boy will definitely have its own story, because the stinky boy likes it the most...

Anyway, anyone can become the protagonist of the story, and they can't escape if they want to escape, right ? !

Absolutely! It really is! It means that Xing, no one wants to be riddled with scandals, but it is really a last resort. As long as it is gay, everyone pays attention. Ordinary people want to keep a low profile and keep a low profile, but if they really encounter those bizarre deaths, TV reporters will come to the door... Let's just say that the suicide methods of the characters jumping out of cars and headshots are so exciting and bizarre, how can they not be seen by others? What about the discussion...?

Yes, there are so many people who want to hear and dig stories . After all, everyone is curious !

Woman: There are still some questions about God, the equestrian, destiny... By the way, and the conductor who sells things, are these contents related to the theme of this film?

Of course it is! According to the four-dimensional integrated pull-film analysis method , the four elements of the film, the plot, the characters, the theme and the climax are all organic wholes.

Did you ever think that if this young conductor had stood at the other side door, or walked back and forth, he would have avoided a suicide.

Woman: Hey, really! That woman committed suicide from the other side of the door when no one was there! And I noticed that both the male protagonist and the husband asked him: Why don't you push the truck for a walk?

That's the point! It shows that this young man is very disdainful or even disgusted with the work in front of him, right?

Woman: Yes! He must be lamenting that his fate is not good, why can he only be engaged in such a job? If he stood at the other door, or walked back and forth, he would hear so many interesting stories, and the key would be to save the next woman!

Why don't you sigh about fate in life, how good it is to listen to other people's stories! I ask you, why did the male protagonist not believe in God in the end ?

Woman: Because God took away his beloved woman, God did not bring good luck to him and his wife!

Therefore, it is concluded that it is also the idea that the director wants to interpret:

We don't believe in fate, and we don't have to believe in God, because we are the masters of the story!

Woman: Ha, by the way, that's what the stinky boy meant when he mentioned that tall people can't be equestrians...? I finally understand now!

Regardless of life or death, he always hopes to be the one who holds the trigger, which of course means that he may be killed. but,

Whether you die actively or passively, you may become the protagonist of the story and the talk of others...

And your story is likely to be widely circulated, jaw- dropping, tearful, and even thought of suicide...

Woman: Yes, that's what you just said, the lethality of the story ...

Do you understand now? Do not believe in God, because you are the master of the story,

Even if you can't control your own life, destiny, life or death, but you are enough to carry the protagonist of a story, a character who is talked about...

Female; That's it, explain the ending to me again!

At the end of the film, the male protagonist's own story is also very bizarre and explosive. He was going to share two bullets with his beloved rabbit, but he only shot the rabbit's head...

Woman: Ha, as the protagonist of this suicide story, he is really interesting and legendary !

Yes! He also said something, fucking day... what a fucking day!

In fact, this is a sentence that is usually used at the end of most stories and novels to make a summary.

Woman: After listening to your interpretation of this movie, I am really touched! Everyone may be the protagonist of the story or someone else's talking point, hey, it's really a wise saying !

Yes, because we are all curious people who love to listen to stories. As for how to weave your own story and how to be commented on by others, please do it yourself!

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