Six Shooter movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
This is a short film that won an Oscar. If the story is told in a nonchalant manner, it's a man who has just lost his wife, meets a chattering murderer on a train and a couple who just lost their son. The woman was heartbroken, and the murderer's unintentional and indifferent behavior became the fuse for her suicide. In the end, she completely gave up her desire to live and committed suicide by jumping out of the car. The police officer who came to investigate recognized the wanted murderer, and there was a shootout. Afterwards, the murderer was shot dead. The man who witnessed everything was disheartened, picked up a gun from the murderer, returned to the empty house, pointed the gun at the only living thing in the house - a little rabbit, and said: "We two, one for each of us. "As a result, the little rabbit's head was flying with flesh and blood, and his head was still intact, because the gun was broken, and he couldn't even think of death. "What a fucking day!"
If the movie is outlined like this, it probably won't be able to move the Oscar judges. Where is the subtlety of the movie's narrative? At the beginning, the picture is to let the man sit on his wife's hospital bed and talk to her, "Honey, you must be lonely." "I don't even know where you are now". Let him kiss her old face deeply , let the audience imagine that they once fell in love more deeply and spent most of their lives together, but she just left, leaving him alone, no son, no daughter, in this world, he is the only one alone.
As for the murderer, he was very annoying at the beginning, and his speech was nonsensical and even a little mentally handicapped. Life or death was none of his business, he seemed to be born to torture other people's nerves with noise. After talking about it, he still didn't know what to do, and said to the man: "Can I tell you a story?". "I don't want to hear it." The man who was about to be annoyed to death said directly.
But after being amused by the murderer's blunt noise, he will gradually discover that he has a different kind of attraction. Among these disheartened people, he appears to be particularly energetic, full of energy, and at the same time. Open-minded, cold-blooded, with amused neuroticism and cute innocence. When he went to the dining car, he would greet everyone warmly, "What do you want?"
In the woman's suicide, this nonsense juvenile murderer was the fuse. He said to the woman: "It must be because the child is ugly, so you hit the child against the wall to death." The woman was angrily Walking away, she accidentally ripped up the child's photo when she tripped, and finally, heartbroken, she jumped out of the car and committed suicide. The young man looked at the blood flowing from the car window and said to himself, "Am I going too far?" He just reflected for a moment, and then he was completely indifferent. But in the end, the death of this indifferent guy will still make people feel worried, because he is too like a child, and he is a child with some brain problems. He did not commit crimes for the sake of fame, but he was more insensitive and cold-blooded. deliberately trick-or-treating.
And after the juvenile murderer tells the story of the cow explosion to the widowed man, you can see the pity behind him. Why does he insist so much, all mothers are like this, it must be you who slammed the child against the wall. Because this is his childhood, an ugly child, whose heart without love is becoming more and more hard as a walnut, and hurt marks are deeply engraved on it. The film has never been able to clearly describe his childhood, why he killed his mother himself, and only hinted at the end, which makes the narrative of the whole story very suspenseful, and also makes the image of the juvenile murderer gradually three-dimensional and enriched. The man's grief after witnessing the woman's tragedy is unbearable. The juvenile murderer asked nonchalantly, "What are you crying about?" The man replied, "My wife left last night." After hearing this, tears appeared in his eyes: "My mother also left last night. But so what? , life still has to go on." There are still tears in his eyes, what kind of a mother and son story will this be? What kind of mother would let her child grow into such an indifferent and violent person, to kill her mother, to make herself a wanted criminal all alone? How much grief is buried here?
When the man got out of the car, the juvenile murderer suddenly said, "I'm sorry for your wife." He is also not hard-hearted, and it is rare for him to portray the characters so delicately in a short film. "Thank you. For your mother, I'm sorry too." He shook his head stubbornly, with a thousand words on his face: "That, it's nothing."
When the ugly is destroyed, the feeling will be joy, and when the beautiful is destroyed, the feeling will be sad. But after such a young man was killed by the police, the feeling was not simply heartwarming, because the feeling of this rich story is not simple, but very multi-layered and rich.
The juvenile murderer is guilty. When the shootout between him and the police began, the man who already knew that he was a mother-killer still wanted to save him because he saw the tears of the murderer who had not completely destroyed humanity. The deeper reason was, The lonely man forgave him before facing the fate and death that cruelly treated everyone. In the face of the same grief, he felt pity.
But no one sympathized with this lonely person, not even the comfort of death. After the shootout, he returned home, shot the little rabbit who was so fond of children, and shot himself in the head, but the last one Guns are dumb, and only bunny can be called by God. Since then, there is no life related to him in this world, absolute loneliness.
Absolute loneliness, life has to go on, it's so cruel. You can't see blood, can you? This "Six Guns" is muffled in the internal organs.
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  • Wayne 2022-04-10 09:01:09

    What you think is a good thing may not be a good thing in the end; similarly, what you think is a bad thing may not necessarily be a bad thing in the end. The world is impermanent, whether it is extremely peaceful, and the unity of contradictions and opposites.

  • Antonio 2022-04-11 09:01:08

    What a substantial script~Cupware~

Six Shooter quotes

  • Doctor: Her son shot her poor head off.

    Donnelly: Is she alive or dead?

  • Donnelly: sorry about your mom.

    Kid: Ah, no loss.

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