Viva 2022-04-19 09:01:13

I always feel that "King Kong" is very much like a Hong Kong police and gangster film.

An orangutan that you think has no feelings, is like a gangster character, a killer, etc., very cool and hard; but you don't know, it will often watch the sunset alone, watching the sunset over the sea at sunset. Later it met a girl who could dance. It reached out to her, and she sat on its palm, like leaning on the sofa, watching the sunset together.

King Kong sometimes makes a very stubborn and disdainful expression, and then the girl touches it and it puts her on its shoulders. Like watching the movie many times, King Kong stretched out his big palm to the girl, many times, after the danger was lifted, when he fell under anesthesia... and King Kong found the girl in the city and took her to the ice They were playing on the ice, and there were dots of lights around them. They circled on the ice, and they laughed. In this quiet and peaceful night, there was a sudden gunshot

... The police would always show up. Like countless gangster movies. No one seems to be wrong, but it always ends like this.

In fact, I also like the boy who wrote the script in the film. He is a little thin. Looking at his eyes, he can always see emotions, and he is thorough and brave. But her friend didn't like it. She said it might be because the orangutan died in the end, not the boy.

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