Don't be brave

Shanie 2022-04-21 09:01:12

What is a hero like?
For the country, for the people, for the party, sacrifice yourself - a Chinese-style hero!
Fearless of power and perseverance, small people, overturning big bad guys - Americanized heroes!
Handsome and handsome, surrounded by beautiful women, invincible in the world, immortal - the hero in YY novels!
fighting alone, with super strong fighting ability, surrounded by guilt-filled bullets ("I'm evil, so I shouldn't kill heroes"), superhuman-style undead hero - "Die Hard" "Heroes!"
Little people, be big heroes!

This is all because Bruce Willis answered why he was a hero in the film - "Others don't do it, so I have to do it. (Forgot the original words, the effect is that)" I couldn't help laughing, it's too American taste. It's like the identity of the "world police" in the United States: there are so many bad guys on this earth, no one dares to control, for the sake of world peace, and for the sake of all mankind, only me, Uncle Sam, who has a strong sense of justice, can save everyone. Bar. So, after helping North Korea, help Vietnam; after finishing the Gulf, attacking Iraq... American hero, heroic America!

It's a bit far, let's talk about the movie. My evaluation: It looks very enjoyable, but there is nothing to remember. In fact, it doesn't matter, it's already quite hard work, occasionally watching such a film, the plot is so simple that you don't need to think too much, the special effects are cool and exciting, the handsome and beautiful hero and heroine... Quan should relax, life It turned out to be good too!

After watching the whole film, I saw a lot of bravery, but Long Wei didn't see it. Tiger courage means that a person is very courageous; Longwei, of course, is about the aura of a person. For example, as someone in fantasy novels said that "the arrogance of a king" comes out, everyone in the world will bow down, ah!

All I can say is that Bruce Willis is a man of great courage, toughness, and good luck. I have seen people who are not afraid of death, but I have never seen such a lifeless person; I have seen someone who is doing damage, but I have never seen someone who is doing damage like this.

I fell from the fourth floor, it's fine, I have a compound bone sticker, and I drove my car to hit the little girl to get revenge; I jumped off the F-35, but I still couldn't die, because my daughter was waiting for me to rescue... If someone still said "Xiaoqiang" The vitality is very strong, I recommend him/her to watch the "Die Hard" series to see what "Super Bruce Willis" is.

After a film, Bruce Willis can say that he has destroyed countless cars, from police cars, cars, and later "Optimus Prime", none of them were spared, but it was worth it. The police car collided with the helicopter at the tunnel. Waist, "Optimus Prime" also spelled out the very good F-35. If you like to see special effects, this movie is worth watching.

There is a saying in China of "broom star", and I am afraid that Bruce Willis is no better there. If he really had Longwei, I don't think he would be so unlucky - if he is not brave, he is just a poor unlucky bastard. I strongly urge the director not to make a sequel. It’s normal for a person to be unlucky once or twice, but if it becomes a habit, the scriptwriter and director can only be blamed. "24 Hours" can't go on after 2 seasons, for no other reason: another unlucky baby, I really can't bear to watch it; the same is true for "Prison Break".

By the way, I really like that "Spiderman", he is really good at it.

Recently, I found out that I have a slight fatty liver, and I don't feel anything. Even though the doctor said that I should avoid alcohol, but it is so good, I can only drink less and exercise more. You should also pay attention to your health.

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    Simplified Chinese name: Die Hard 4 Director: Len Wiseman Starring: Bruce Willis / Maggie Q / Justin Long Release year: 2007 Official website: Language: English Production country/region: USA Aka: Die Hard 4 imdb link: tt0337978

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