Worse than Skyfall~

Gerda 2022-04-19 09:01:17

Morocco has also been so hot lately that it goes without saying that in the past year or two, the influx of travel enthusiasts will continue to outpace neighboring Egypt, whose risk factor is soaring. I only experienced the charm of this North African country in "Mission Impossible 5" a few months ago, and last night in "Spectre Party" I saw this mysterious area full of deserts again. The latest episode of 007's protracted plot, lack of thrilling suspense, is far worse than Skyfall, although both are from the same Oscar director. The super-speeding romance between the hero and heroine makes me feel inexplicable. The appearance of the villain makes me feel quite a failure. If I had been shrouded in darkness and only heard the sound, the effect would have been better, and it would be more in line with the meaning of the title. Now It seems that the acting skills of the acting uncle are wasted a bit. What is Monica Bellucci's pitiful role for? Only the opening scenes of Mexico's Day of the Dead and Morocco are two exotic scenes worth watching.

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  • Monique 2022-03-24 09:01:15

    With such a high budget and such a powerful cast, the final shots are all kinds of vulgar blockbusters that stir up old stalks. The vulgar title is simply lowered by 007 grades; Bellucci's soy sauce scene will not be mentioned. Yes, Léa Seydoux is really better than the vase, and it is far less than the role setting of the white queen in MI5. Even if it is a tribute to the role of eva in the Royal Casino, it is too casual.

  • Lola 2021-10-20 19:00:57

    Three-and-a-half-star, old-fashioned routines with countless slots. I can no longer accept this kind of pretending style. This year's Mission Impossible is really a complete explosion in all aspects. Oh yes, Léa Seydoux is very beautiful.

Spectre quotes

  • [last lines]

    Q: I thought you were done.

    James Bond: I am. I just need one more thing.

  • James Bond: [over the phone] Who was that?

    Moneypenny: He's just a friend.

    James Bond: At this hour of the night?

    Moneypenny: It's called life, James. You should try it some time.