It has become a habit to see him (007), you should watch it with feelings

Yvette 2022-04-20 09:01:11

"007 Spectre Party" sounds so strange, isn't it? As for whether the film is good or not, I can only say: It's good, what a pity!

The highlights of this part are the scenes and actions, especially the opening part of Mexico's Day of the Dead. The blasting scene took a lot of effort, and the car chase scene in the streets of Rome is worth watching. Audiences who are a little chasing will like the film's photography. Of course, people who are a little brainless like me will pay more attention to Daniel Shuai and SEXY, as for the story and logic, don't pursue it too much. It can't be compared with the first three films. The IQ of the screenwriter seems to be insufficient.

Simply put, the foreplay is overdone, and the plot behind it is dull.
Well, for the sake of contrast, let’s take a look at the previous foreshadowing: Bond obtained intelligence and learned that the big BOSS who died 20 years ago was mysteriously resurrected, and there was a new terrorist organization called Spectre Party. Monica, the wife of a murderer who just died (note: the sex scene here is very inexplicable and embarrassing), so as to obtain some information about the Spectre Party. People shudder at terrorist organizations.
However, Bond blew up the entire base that blew up Spectre with just one alarm clock.
As the big boss of the Spectre Party, his IQ is really worrying. The entire base was bombed in front of him without killing him. In the back, he had to sit in a helicopter and go blindly on the building that was about to explode, a typical no zuo no die.
But the big boss's helicopter was shot down by Bond's pistol, which I don't understand.

But opinions vary, not all good movies have a good story. It is said that Mendes has done stage plays before, which shows that he may focus more on characters and feelings. I have seen his "Road to Destruction" and "Road to Revolution", which are mostly slow-paced stories with weak characters and characters. Plump works.

The 007 series is a classic, but this one can only be given to Samsung, because it is a big production, of course, it has high requirements. Looking at 007, it's more of a habit, as well as feelings!

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Extended Reading
  • Dovie 2022-03-25 09:01:05

    The production is good but the overall story is boring...

  • Nakia 2022-03-24 09:01:15

    I have seen the protagonist's halo burst, but I have never seen such a burst of MAX! Several OSs that couldn't control the "what the hell" burst into laughter, but it's a pity that my glamour is so glamorous that I just hit a soy sauce with a not-so-existent female protagonist (you can't deal with the characters like Eva Green! !). However, I was still cute, and I gave a thumbs up with a red heart!

Spectre quotes

  • James Bond: [whispers to Madeleine] One minute. One minute.

    Blofeld: Did he say something?

    James Bond: Tempus fugit.

    Blofeld: What?

    James Bond: Tempus fugit.

    Blofeld: I can't hear you, James.

    James Bond: I said, doesn't time fly?

    [Madeleine tosses the watch to Blofeld and it explodes, destroying the torture machine and knocking Blofeld unconscious]

  • Blofeld: You see, they failed to comprehend the crucial fact that a terrible event can lead to something wonderful.