36th Precinct background creation

2022-03-20 08:01
"Quai des Orfèvres" is the crime investigation department of the Paris Police Department, in charge of major criminal crimes, and the house number of this department is "36", from which the title of the film comes. Screenwriter Dominique Loiseau's real life as a police officer. The director is also a veteran police officer for many years. The film is filled with a dark and sad atmosphere, the picture is gloomy, and it is very sculptural. Compared with most Hollywood action movies, the rhythm of "36 General Bureau" is not fast, but it has a degree of relaxation, and there is sentimentality in the soothing. Friendship, betrayal, love, and conspiracy are intertwined. At the same time, the narrative clues are clear, and the characters are not face-to-face, plain and simple, showing a strong temperament of life. Under the influence of multiple entanglements, scenes of tragedies are staged one after another, and after experiencing some grievances and disputes, the ending of the accident adds a little more fun. Life, destiny, repayment, everything is in reincarnation.
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  • Thalia 2022-04-23 07:05:33

    To say that the French version of Infernal Affairs is a bit too much, after all, there is no such thing as Infernal Affairs, but how two completely different people behave in the police world. Looking at the system and bureaucracy abroad, there is no difference. Leo is a real man, especially the part about kidnapping the judge is really cool. The whole film has a strong atmosphere and is slow and slow. It is a good film, although the ending still shows a good world.

  • Payton 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    The actors are really sharp...the characters are very realistic...I want to shoot that big nose to death when I see half of it, haha

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