54-year-old Japanese sexy actress came back to take swimsuit photos after being arrested

2021-10-12 12:26

On August 7 news, according to Hong Kong media reports, 54-year-old Japanese actress Mariko Ishihara was arrested last year on suspicion of stealing a lunch box. She has been silent for about a year. Recently, she has another new work. She went to Okinawa to take a set of swimsuit photos in the new issue of Weekly POST. "Published. And tied up two braids, wanting to add girly flavor.

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  • Lawrence 2022-04-20 09:01:50

    The theme of this film was quite advanced in the 1980s. Since then, "Dancing With Wolves" and "Kingdom of Heaven" are variations on this theme. They can be regarded as leading tribal elements and reflecting on the commercial trend of colonial films. In 1948, John Ford's "Fortress" has begun to reflect on the aborigines, and the subsequent "Searchers" and "Anbang Dingguozhi" also broke his early depiction of the stereotyped and ugly Indians, so the thematic advantages are not too great. Clearly, it is more like opening up the second round of colonial reflection, which makes it a bit unworthy of the Palme d’Or. After all, there was also the “Sacrifice” of the Tower God in that session. The Oscars saw it clearly and awarded the best picture to Stone. "Field Platoon". The aborigines in the film are not fully represented. The religious activities at the end of the film and the deification of the male protagonist overwhelm them. Some of them seem to be the religious output of the white people. The great point of the scene design is the same, packaging self-values ​​with exotic areas, and then outputting them to all audiences.

  • Lawrence 2022-04-20 09:02:04

    It feels like I'm watching a castrated version, and I'll re-brush it another day.

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